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7/24/2006 c1 1Finnyh
aww, aounds cute! hey guess what? I named one of my charators Kiyoshi too! it's such a cute name, but it got shortened to Kye. (Kye and Mateus) it's a good fic, I think.

Well done! Derek x x x
7/22/2006 c6 3bambi4real
oh gosh but it's been forever...you made me have to go back and reread everything to remember what this was about...bad...bad...peach! I think my favorite line was the last it gave me the warm fuzzies. the crazy fan girls was pretty hysterical too but all their hard work went to waist when nothing happened in the out fit.
7/22/2006 c1 Kamiko-Miha
I love your story, it's very creative. The only manga I've acctually read with this kind of thing wa Papa to kiss in the dark, but these sick desires is much better! Keep up the great work, here have a cookie. *hands chocolate chip cookie* Now. Eat. It. Good peach mouse. *pats head* Yay! Cross dressing!
7/22/2006 c6 1Prisoner-11
Lol. I could so see myself being one of those girls ^^ This was a good chapter, I'll be waiting for the next!
7/22/2006 c6 3FoxyGrampa

You do NOT want to know what shouta is, lady!

Shouta is like, TWELVE YEAR OLDS. o_o

Think Micheal Jackson!



That's all I needed to say. .;

You even said you don't like yaoi, so I don't blame you for getting terms mixed up. n_n; But... yeah. THIS ISN'T SHOUTA. x_x My gawd. xD It... so isn't.
7/22/2006 c4 FoxyGrampa
Well, to me, if a 15 year old goes out looking for sex, then they're ready for sex. o_o So, despite what some *American* laws say, I don't think a young guy with a 15 is necessarily pedophilia... to me anyway. . Not *unperverted*, exactly. But if a kid is concious enough with his own sexuality, like some are at the age of 15, why not? o_o

But in this case, it's different. Which I guess is fine, since I still don't have a problem with it. The kid *has* been raped before, so I don't see how he would be so terribly affected if he decided to go out with an older guy. o.o;

To me to it's more about the two people in question, not how you would label it just because of their ages.

And it's not like the guy isn't feeling all guilty about it. So. xP Just needed to say that for anyone feeling weird about it. (Besides that I have a 16 year old and a 23 year old in one of my own stories-7 year difference, so. :P)

. I've only read so much of this story. It's not bad. A little plotless, but not awfully so. I'm not overally fond of how you chose to constantly switch POVs, but it doesn't necessarily bother me and isn't hard to get used to.

Keep writing. n_n The couple seems really cute to me, so far. But maybe have Kiyoshi mature a bit more. That'd make some readers feel better, and actually make myself feel a little better too. Having an immature uke is fine sometimes, but I think it feels more appropriate when they're an older age. o:
6/16/2006 c5 1Prisoner-11
Interesting. I can't wait for more.
6/4/2006 c1 2TAYL0R NiC0LE
Leah, Leah, Leah.. *sighs*
5/14/2006 c5 4nightymorning
Yay! ... I Heart(Yes, I heart it...) it so far, keep updating. =)
5/4/2006 c1 1kotaru
Sweet shouen-ai fic you have here! The writing could be imporoved with a little more discription, but hey, what do I know? :P Keep up the good work, I'll be adding this story to my favourites
5/4/2006 c5 2Naoji
Yep, me again, and guess what? Me AGAIN! Tada! Bet your getting tired of me, huh? This chapter was totally kawaii, for some reason I seem to have a thing with sidekicks...in your story that's Yasuyuki, and in mine, it's Jared, heh, isn't that interesting?
5/3/2006 c5 3bambi4real
I didn't realize that I hadn't put you on alert so I totally missed the latest two updates. I thought they were great. I do agree with you that the romance is slow in coming but I definitely feel that I can see the build up! And that is a great anticipation tool. I thought the last scene was really cute when he got all coy and daring with tanaka-san.
4/24/2006 c4 25noodlegirl 28
interesting story -sammy-
4/24/2006 c4 Iamausername
Aw poor Kiyoshi! Good thing he has Hiroshi to take care of him! As for the age difference thing, people that are bothered by it should go back and read the summary because it's clearly mentioned. Personally I think it's adorable, I like younger boys with older boys.Anyhoo, I'm pretty much rambling so I'll shut up in a minute. Love your story, hope you continue soon!
4/22/2006 c4 2Naoji
Heya, me again, you update so fast that it makes me HAPPY -does Irish jig (I swear those are so fun)! ^^ yep, don't worry about the french project, I'm almost done...sigh, keep on writing! btw...this is a really really long review but anyways, btw, i uploaded ch. 3 of my story.
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