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4/17/2006 c3 6Rubyme
Pure poetry.

Scarey to know how many people go through this...
4/17/2006 c2 Rubyme
Man oh man, gotta love it.
4/16/2006 c1 1BassAndTreble
Very interesting. The way you wrote it is very effective, with the use of the bolding and italics and the flowing thoughts. After readng Ch. 3, I'm beggining to understand what's going on... I think.

Anyways, keep writing.
4/14/2006 c2 3blessed-dragon
Whoa. This was so short and yet it said so much.The italics and bold font and underlines were odd and confusing as was the rambling, and yet it all made perfect sense, at least to me. Each sentence ran into the next just like thoughts do, constantly coming and going with no real down time, like a freeway or something. It was really quite good. I'm not quite sure what point it is the girl is trying to make, although I could certainly relate to one sentence in the first chapter. You had written something about just wanting to light up. I could totally relate to that feeling.Good job!
4/13/2006 c1 1roxylovlywriter
i thought it was a little weirdsry
4/11/2006 c1 Shooting Fire
I like it. One of the few streams of consciousness that actually makes sense to me.. somehow.. I think we all get weird thoughts like that sometimes. This is good. Keep writing.
4/11/2006 c1 6Rubyme
Hmm... intrigueing... I like your use of bolding, underingline, etc. Very affective.

I'm interested in you writing and if this continues, whoopee!

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