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8/18/2008 c1 40HurtMe
This is very profound. It certainly is about more than flowers.
3/12/2008 c1 4gleee
that was just beautiful, glompage! now who hurt him? i'll bash their faces and kick their mums! jerks...people need to think about how their actions effect others more. :(
7/17/2006 c1 heart race
ohh, this is so beautiful.

i adore it.

thank you.

i wish i could write about people who love each other like that.

you are amazing.
7/16/2006 c1 17XO'MagickMoon'OX
I have been meaning to read your stuff for a long time (Winterbridge recommended you :D) and now I finally get around to it. And I am in awe. Actually, I think even "awe" is a sorry understatement.

Already, reading just this little bit, I am hooked on your writing. ^^ I like how your writing is descriptive without being overly so, woven with symbolism and little nuances like the mosquito and the black eye.

" 'We just have to make the best of it and hope to God nobody gets hurt.'

I squint at him through my black eye as if daring him to say that again. /I dare you./"

I loved that part. In this story, it focused a lot on just life and humanity, which are two areas in which I love to delve, because they're /very/ interesting. I try pathetically to capture that in my writing, but I think you've succeeded-even with just this one story-ten times more than I'll ever hope to. ^^;; And for that, I admire you. :D You are amazing.


...Psh, I don't think that even /begins/ to cover it. I must read more!
6/24/2006 c1 Green Eyes
People say 'Life's not fair' all the time, but i think that its probably the most valuable lesson anyone will ever learn. It isn't, and the sooner people accept this and stop getting hurt because they expected things to go better than they have done, the easier it will be for them. I think what frightens me the most is that some people's lives are ruined and won't ever get better. People can fall down and won't ever get up. And that is scary as HELL. But on the other hand, it also makes sense- and it makes it so much better when you are lucky and when you do come back up for air. And its thhe railing against the unfairness that eventually makes it change. And not all life is unfair. Withouth the unfairness, there wouldn't be the lucky ones, the people born with a silver spoon in their mouths etc. Life may not be fair, but i wouldn't change the unlucky things in mine (well, not right at this moment anyway- may feel different later on this evening!) because it is the unfair things that teach you to deal with everything else. I really liked thi story- i thought you captured the whole fighting againnst the implacable nature of life thing really well. I think we all feel like that at times, but I hope the character here felt stronger afterwards! i hope you didn't mind my rambling rant there, i just found the story quite thought provoking.
6/3/2006 c1 Para Noya
... I love you. GodDAMN! You are an excellent writer (I just read all your stories ... but am too lazy to review EVERY ONE). Your plots are interesting, your charaters range from funny, to cute, to sexy, to sad (in a way that makes me want to hug them ^^), and everything I just read makes me anxious for updates.

And your SMC story is fucking brilliant. All of your stories are.

*Para Noya*
4/30/2006 c1 89write25
absolutely beautiful. i really felt their pain, and the dialogue was realistic and touching. if i havent already, you're going on my favorites list. ~mariah
4/29/2006 c1 magalina
That was really good...Its great how you write really funny stuff and then this... I admire you.Haha, that was weird...
4/17/2006 c1 Kitwune Luver
There's definitely more behind this than is obvious. I'm not used to you writing angst. I like this nonetheless. Very cute ending. Kiss the whole world away. It's so sad that life is imperfect, but it's not like we can change that. We can only hope to make it better. This oneshot is inspiring. I liked it a lot.
4/14/2006 c1 4SerialXLain
Aw :( Your stories either make me laugh or they depress me terribly. It's a sin. You must be punished. I'll spank you I guess...Sigh... :D

I'm waiting for your updates and for new stories and for you to come molest me tonight. But psht I can only wish. Bwaahaha.

I have to pee again for the third time in an hour. I need to stop drinking Kool Aid...Sigh.

4/14/2006 c1 Timpkins
Okay, I can beg, I will beg, evrything you write is wonderfull, your comday makes me laugh and your angst makes me cry. When I get a review alart and it say's you've writen something, anything at all, it makes exited shivers run down my spine. You could turn a single word in to a thrilling masterpace so plases plases plases plaese post something soon!
4/14/2006 c1 brother-martin
Beg real pretty? Well, I really dont do anything pretty, so you will have to settle with...hmm..cant think of anything, well, on with the non-pretty begging,

We love you, we love your writing, we love robbie and clay, we love the one-shots, so pleasse write and post something of some sort in a timley manner.

This is pretty good, also. I feel this way all the time. Cept, Nirvana comfortes me instead. Or Mahler. But I am weird that way...

This is becoming a long-ass reveiw.
4/12/2006 c1 3Oka-Poka
Good story as usual! n_n

You must hurry up and finish that story! Or I might just suffocate from the lack of story oxygen-ness. X3
4/12/2006 c1 24Limited Edition
I love how you can write in present tense! Why can't I? It's unfair. I'm gonna cry too. You intervine the past and the future very good, and I honestly couldn't find any mistakes at all. Lovely job. Also, it's really cute, yet emotional, but once again cute XD
4/12/2006 c1 1EDDIE FUSION
Oh my, that was so dark and scary and sad and depressing and wonderful and awesome and full of genius.

... *begs very prettily* :D More stuff please? But less angst! It's a guilty pleasure! You shouldn't be doing it... ;_;
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