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8/22/2006 c16 1Gypsy Feather
One vote for Ellie from me. Great story. Neat plot too.
8/22/2006 c16 duh
8/22/2006 c16 1Echo-In-The-night
Wow tough choice, no wonder you've got writers block!

I think max should end up on his own, not all story's have to have happy ending's.
8/21/2006 c16 RoseofFlame
This is the voice of a loving reviewer. ...I like Ellie the best. Short, sweet and to the point. I may be old fashioned with love stories but that's my opinion and I am stickin' to it! But either way, I get to read a good fic...hm...
8/21/2006 c1 cedroth
Also! While Max tried to get Ellie the whole time i don't think that Megan tried to do anything to get Max. Sorry if I'm bothering you. xD ['Whole time' meaning since they have known each other.]
8/21/2006 c16 cedroth
ELLIE! She's sort of like the main charater anyway so it's your fault i like her more then megan. =]
8/21/2006 c16 inFEARandFAITH
Ellie needs to win. She's going to realize her undying love for Max, and they're going to marry once out of highschool, have 7 children, and live happily ever after. Duh.

In case you didn't get it, I vote for Ellie.
8/21/2006 c16 asianbabe92
AH I LOVEE BOTH OF THEM!uhm... im gonna go with ellie. seriously. c'mon max has been in love w/ her since uhmm..7th grade?it be a total waste of all his time if after everything he did. he was lk yupp lets throw that all away and go w/ megan who he doesnt realy know THAT well. hey was eric white upset for megan or for ellie. lk who was he defending when he was yelling at max..?

I LOVE this story btw! its freaking awesome! ^-^
8/21/2006 c16 alexa
great chapter.

and of course- ELLIE!

we don't even know megan that much, she was in like one real chapter.

it's gotta be ELLIE and MAX! they're meant to be together.
8/21/2006 c16 7Sub Rosa Vehement
Great story! I hope Ellie wins!
8/21/2006 c16 3Happy4u2
That was the funniest thing I ever read.I loved...(she's planning something evil;I'm melting.. etc..)-side splitting- Oh let it be poor sick Ellie PLEASE? Megan's nice- but Ellie seems more real.
8/21/2006 c16 4I LOVE GRAPES
Ellie! I feel like we don't know Megan as well...that the story revolves more around Max and Ellie. So I vote her.
8/21/2006 c16 Yu Nyugen
8/21/2006 c16 3megamegaturtle
I see. I think that Max should choose Ellie. They seem to good together. Keep up the good work!
8/21/2006 c16 Ri
Ellie! Ellie! Ellie! Oui! Oui! Oui!
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