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4/19/2008 c1 BeautysXxBrokenXxDesire
i likey this story. :]
4/19/2008 c8 a.mooch
GRAHH! It's getting tons better, but words and letters are missing. Or rearranged.

4/19/2008 c3 a.mooch
Darnit, she should just take the guy! It's stupid not to.
4/19/2008 c1 a.mooch
Jesus, I would totally go for him! I love crazy guys! I need someone who can keep up with my energy. XP
4/16/2008 c2 4Georgianna
This is so adorable!
4/8/2008 c16 candy-shop-owner
You cannot make him end up with megan! Thats just wrong on so many levels.. i mean its not even a question if he should end up with megan! What are u thinking.. megans just the drama added to the story.. -.-

How can u not mind with who hes going to end up with *gasp* what if megan turns out to be a total slut and maybe shes even in love with eric and hasnĀ“t noticed it until a week after shes dating max!


And pls updated again pf its been forever they are already off to college and probably gradutaing when ur posting again :P

jk pls updated again or at least let us know ur still alive!

go Ellie
1/11/2008 c16 22Isis of Egypt
It's been a year and a half, my dear, but I just know everyone's still hoping you haven't abandoned this. So be a darling and continue, will you?

Oh, and Ellie all the way, of course (if it makes you feel better, have Megan end up with Dex. This way, everyone's happy, 'kay?)

All the best,

12/29/2007 c16 eternalx3
All for Ellie! Megan is a no no!
12/28/2007 c16 9dreamforever101

Actually, I would want to have him ending up with Megan, but i feel that her character is not developed enough in the story for that to happen. She never interacts with Max, what she loves about him seems to be his spontaneous and incredulous proclaimations of love for Ellie. I think if Megan and Max get together, Max is not going to do that for her. His desperate love for Ellie is what brings out that side of Max. Therefore, I declare that Max and Ellie should get together.

On a side note, maybe Eirc should be requited with his love who just happens to be Megan, the girl who will change him from "player" to "true lover"!

Btw, about the story, i think it could use some editing, correct some grammar mistakes, develop some scenes, the setting and characters (ie. Becca, James) blah blah... But i think it is absolutely INCREDIBLE how you keep the reader hooked! There is something about the story, though simple in narration, that keeps you reading.

Great Job so far! UPDATE!
12/19/2007 c16 Keenon
12/6/2007 c16 1glamoureste

Please please please let him end up with Ellie!

I mean, I like Megan and all, but kflasjfkd jsdalk;j ;fk;j

I LOVE ELLIE! She's amazingly funny and really cute with Max.

So Ellie! I'm for her all the way.


Wow, I realized that I sound retarded.
12/1/2007 c16 2SecretFeelings
I hate megan. . you cant ruin the story by putting them together. ELLIE FTW!
11/2/2007 c16 emrevolemina
Ellie ofcourse

please ups-date I LOVE this
10/21/2007 c16 2hellohellolove
I vote Ellie :)
8/21/2007 c16 fatso17
Ella! damn it! update! aww man... *twiddles thumbs* please?
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