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8/16/2007 c16 jwyl93
uggh, your SO close to the end.. how could you just leave us hanging like that? *exsaperated sigh and whimper* this story is amazing!

I VOTE THAT YOU GIVE MAX TO ME, SO THAT HE CAN BE MY LOVE SLAVE!...(was it just me or did that sound awfully suggestive?*raise eyebrows suggestively*)

and if that doesnt work out i vote for ...dun dun dun...MEGAN

JUST KIDDING! HEHE in case of the unfortunate, and you dont give me max *bawls and stabs paper with a sPoRk* i whole heartedly vote for ELLIE...and then cry if you end up writing about megan...which you won't, right? :D

I love this story so please get to writing, kay? ;) ciao luv
8/10/2007 c16 2katieee
At the end of Max's date with Megan I cried because I thought Max would choose her over Ellie. PLEASE. I'm going to cry now too. Dude, MAX WANTS ELLIE. He didn't run to school and be late for class 'just so he could catch a glimspe of Megan' he didn't call megan at eleven am sunday to wish her good morning. He did that to ellie. He loves her. Megan's really nice, but HE LOVES ELLIE. Please. I'm going to cry again. and i said that before. But he. loves. Ellie! He spent seven years after her and he's finally got her! PLEASE. ELLIE. Ellie. Ellie!
7/19/2007 c16 xjennnny
hey yer story is awesome i dont have an account so im using my sisters but i vote for ellie even tho she ignored max for years, she deserves a second chance since she missed wat was rite in front of her nd it kinda sounds like meghan is a slut. does she even noe max? she would jus sleep w/ him cuz hes drunk at a party. so i hope the ending of hte story is good. if u want to reply back to me my email is bye [:
7/13/2007 c15 Dance.Awkwardly.With.Me
the last update was august of last year. what in the world happened? you just leave us hanging THAT long? COMEON! i personally love the story. its funny, has a great plot, and is well written. for me thats hard to come by. i just want to know what happens now
6/30/2007 c1 LaTtE
6/29/2007 c16 Jovial
Ellie! Ellie! Ellie! lol, sorry I'm probably being annoying here, great story anyway.
6/29/2007 c12 Jovial
I want Ellie to end up with Max. I'd die if they dont't.
6/8/2007 c16 6Raven of Ice
Ellie, definitely. I mean, come on, he proposed to her in the fifth grade. How cute is that?
6/8/2007 c16 2Honestly Yours
Damn it. I sware it better be Ellie. If it's not...I will make me and all of my friends stop being devoted to your story. I love the fact that Ellie and Max had that special moment. It was so cute. I love Max and I love Ellie. ELLIEELLIE
6/1/2007 c1 3moneymakestheworldgoround
omigod ...

i believe i just died read that. LOL. interesitng start. nice job.
5/28/2007 c16 9hilaryjojo
Ellie! and then give Megan a happy ending with Eric or something! =D Love your story. Hope you update soon!
5/21/2007 c16 Adhuc
asdhgh. Ellie. ellie, ellie, ellie. Megan can go suck a bean. XD Her date wasn't nearly as fun. She only likes him because of how he behaves around Ellie. Elie.

I'm a new reader, by the way. :3 I very much enjoy your story. I'm excited for the next update.. though I do wonder why you're referring to the little devil on his shoulder as his concious?
5/18/2007 c16 1Nerdette
i am an Ellie fan.
5/15/2007 c16 3Darkest Dream
What happened to this story?

please update soon.

This story is so sweet and romantic.

please update soon.

and Max must end up with ELLIE ! ! !
5/8/2007 c16 3Mrs. MJackson
DEFINITELY ELLIE! No doubt about that! I love this story. Ellie is the girl, the one, so better than that tramp meghan. update soon, please!
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