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4/29/2007 c16 5The Neurotic Notebook
ELLIE! Ellie has to end up with Max! Megan's already got Eric (?) PLEASE update!
4/21/2007 c16 4closetpoet
i really like this story.. i think he should choose ellie.
4/17/2007 c16 indijana
Hi, i love this storie, it's so cute how he loves ellie so much, yet he's still troubled as to who he should choose :P

i say ellie, and it's not because he's "loved" her for 7 years, but because he said and i quoate: " My heart argues that Ellie is the one for me, while my head says to go with Megan."

Everyone says that when you love someone you love them with all of you're heart, you're mind is just getting in the way because of an annoying little voice getting in the way.

What' i'm trying to say is he should follow his heart, because in the end he'll be happier :) so It's deffinatly Ellie...

I also think he wanted to go with megan because it's the safe way out, saying that she loves him already and looks all lovingley at him, while ellie is just developing the feelings... but he really love Ellie.. most deffinalty ellie..

Okay i think i've made my point by now :D

Keep it up, you've done an amazing job :D xoxo indijana
3/31/2007 c16 atreyu love
please please end up with ellie ^^ id love you :D lol update! i love the story;
3/27/2007 c16 1Pepper Ann Square
I definitely vote for Ellie. they are adorable together. while megan is really sweet with max, nothing beats your first love. right? so definitely megan.

P.S. update soon...and oh btw, is the next chapter the last one?
3/18/2007 c16 AnswerKey
Wonderful story. Personally, I'd go Ellie all the way! But, I'm one of many reviewers, so I'll wait and see. I love their date, it was adorable. Can't wait for the next chapter!
3/12/2007 c12 10cherrypiesizzle
...iunno what I have to say about that. Other than I'm not too happy..i'm always iffy when it comes to love triangles- I always end up with a bad feeling in my chest after I read the story. Well, I cringed everytime a good thing happened on their date, as well as how they held hands and he never thought of Ellie once during the whole date. And then, when he and ELLIE have their date, he like wraps his arms around her and the whole she-bang! It sounds like the beginnings of a man-whore to me. Well, not to say that Max is one, because I love his personality, but how could he do that? Ugh. I don't even want to begin to imagine his next date with Meagan. While she is a good person, I just..yeah. Well, please update soon! Don't mind me, it's just my own opinion. I still like this story
3/10/2007 c16 1Jaeiyola
Ah, wonderful. Ellie, all the way! I was cringing at every good part in Megan and Max's date.

I think Ellie deserves the chance, because she never understood love. (I'm just stumbling around for a good reason). But no matter what happens -crosses fingers-, your story is still awesome.

Update soon!
3/9/2007 c16 ANGEL992210
3/7/2007 c16 1Kash.16
Wow! I go for Ellie... they're cute together and i love dancing with the rain bit on their date... Megan can go with Frankie...ha! it's great...update soon please. i wanna know who he picks
2/26/2007 c16 1sweets555
ellie! of course! no question! love u
2/19/2007 c7 Professional scatterbrain
Great chapter
2/18/2007 c6 Professional scatterbrain
great chapter.
2/18/2007 c5 Professional scatterbrain
Great chapter. I loved Elie's mother.
2/17/2007 c4 Professional scatterbrain
Thrilling chapter
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