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6/27/2009 c1 51for shame
so i think sothetruthhurts is leaving some pretty nasty reviews; no one deserves that kind of pure hatred written about their poetry. i've heard that you leave some pretty nasty reviews yourself, and i've heard of an eye for an eye, but still. it's pretty harsh.

but, in all honesty, he/she does make some good points. i don't know if you're serious about poetry, or if you're doing this to spite people, but if you're serious about poetry then you should get a beta or someone to help you.

because right now, your poetry is mediocre at best and a joke at worst. and this is because you do, in fact, put jokes in your poetry. it's fine to have humor in poetry, but you could have chosen a much more original joke than "orange you glad i didn't say banana?"

that joke, while relating to orange, doesn't at all relate to the poem. banana, or yellow, was never mentioned. you want to be careful about allusions to random things; a lot of times it detracts from the poem.

(also, this poem should be categorized as humor.)

i don't think poetry has to look like poetry, but it at least has to sound like poetry. this sounded like half of a poem; like someone cut out all the poetic metaphors and imagery. because your imagery is weak, even for a beginning writer.

but what really throws me off is the joke.

there's a lot of different types of poetry; a lot of people you seem to leave less-than-pleasant reviews for are modern poets, who have much less boundaries and who don't care for punctuation or capitalization. so maybe modern poetry just isn't your type of poetry - instead of leaving nasty reviews, i think you should just stop reading that kind of poetry. save everyone some trouble.

your poetry isn't bad, from the two i've read so far. it's just different from modern poetry. but there's an audience for this kind of simple, humorous poetry.

so keep writing; don't give up. change your penname. don't change yourself because of a bad review - every writer will, at some time in his/her life, get a bad review. you get used to it.

do, however, give up on leaving bad reviews. i don't know if you're still leaving them, but if you are, just stop. you gain nothing but enemies from them.
9/15/2006 c1 sothetruthhurts
Well, Ashley, you’ve made me eat my words.

I thought your piece “In Passing” was shit… but this—this takes whole goddamn cake. At least “In Passing” seemed like something some idiotic, prepubescent teen might scrawl on a page and call poetry. This piece is on a whole new level. A level of barely-literate retards and mentally challenged toddlers. God, I laughed so hard at this “poem.” You write childish, boring, pointless, shit like this and then you go around reviewing people telling them that THEY’RE terrible (that’s how I found you.)? You’ve got absolutely no room to talk.

You, my dear, are the fucking epitome of a bad poet. Never review anyone with advice or criticism ever again. You simply are not intelligent or skilled enough to give it. There are some people in the world that should be killed before they make contact with any other human. Some of them are homicidal maniacs. And the rest of them are just so stupid, that they have the incredible ability of making everyone they come in contact lose points from their IQ. You are one of the latter. (Thankfully, I will probably never personally meet you, so I am not in harm’s way.)

I don’t even know how to go about criticizing this. There are simply no words in any language that was or ever will be to describe how pathetic and worthless and terrible this piece of “poetry” is. Nor are there any words to describe you, in your incredible stupidity and utter lack of talent.

I should give a link to your profile to every single author on fictionpress. Just looking at your shit would give everyone a huge self-esteem boost. I sincerely hope you keep leaving your supposedly knowledgeable, purposely hurtful reviews. Due to their nature, they are guaranteed to get people to click on your name and end up looking at your work (I’m guess that was your initial goal. You suck so bad you had to provoke people into reviewing you.) and then even more people will get a kick out of your sad excuses for poetry and your generally pathetic existence.

Thanks for the laughs. How about an encore performance in which you kill yourself?

9/11/2006 c1 x account closed x
If nothing else, it made me laugh. But it left me wanting more.
9/10/2006 c1 54kaylajac
M, this feels almost playful, if a little lacking. xP I don't know, maybe it's just not my kind of thing. The color concept is so overused, though, and I don't really find you doing anything unexpected here, or anything I haven't seen before.
9/10/2006 c1 77by His blood
mmhmm. apparently you seem to leave stupid reviews on everyone's writing, not just mine. it's hard to take you seriously. thank you for your honesty, but it's hard to feel hurt by you saying that i'm a 'horrible' writer when you write poetry like this. your poetry isn't bad, but you definitely don't have enough talent to justify making stupid comments about a lot of people's poetry. again, thank you for your honesty - i'm blocking you. :)
9/9/2006 c1 18theatrical rhapsodies
9/9/2006 c1 99your scripted romance
"LOL This is horrible" is not a review, by the way. Because you never said what was horrible. So next time you care to review something, how about giving some constructive criticism instead of just "this is horrible."

I found this to be pretty stupid and I really wonder where you thought this up. I won't ask. I can't honestly say what would make it better. Although I did enjoy your poem "In Passing." I'm just too lazy to review it.
9/8/2006 c1 87Chaos Apple
This...seemed almost idiotic. I really like the imsgery you employed in this piece, but the whole concept seemed lacking...

The last line was amost horrible. I know you're not a bad writer-this was just a bad piece.

Oh, btw, "Never Forget What I Lost" is actually a really great writer. Maybe you haven't read much of her. To find some of the good stuff, try looking back a ways in her poems. She's where I draw most of my inspiration.

4/14/2006 c1 6TechEmpath1
you gave me my smile for the morning. THat was a great poem. Shorter than I thought It might be but short is often good! Keep writing, you are one of the best authors i know.

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