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4/26/2006 c1 21Lady Lucia
Awesome job! I loved how you played with some of the words' apperance. I could hear the 'voice' in this poetry, stressing out certain syllables and sentences as I read through it.

Way to play with the reader's senses!

The only thing I didn't like was that it wasn't spaced out. I don't know if that was intentional but it can sometimes turn off the reader seeing this huge, spaceless paragraph.

Other than that, good job!
4/25/2006 c1 44CrazeeGirl
wow- thats fantastic- i just read it about six times- i love the format and the words and everything about it, its going in my favorites, splendid job!
4/24/2006 c1 16insomnia in dreamland
usually, i don't like this kind of rant. but yeah, i used to format my poetry like this. angsty and painful all crammed into one. i wasn't going to read it at first-it looked like a headache waiting to be created from the compilation of words, but one sentence, and i was drawn into this. magnificently(sp) done with a wide vocabulary and the teenageagnst we can all relate to. lovely, just lovely.♥

4/20/2006 c1 145transparency93
something i can relate too all. too. well. (but i'm not tall...)

good stuff! i LOVE this: ‘your too normal, time to change.’

keep writing!
4/18/2006 c1 delete this page 109231
wow! its greatim impressed

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