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for Trapped

3/24/2007 c1 15WhenShadowsBleed
hey. this is a great peace.

Of teh siren call of neins of blood

Like red gold calling to be spilled

briliant lines. hinting at... suicide? or murder?

any way, this is NowNameless, but my other account quit working, so i got a new one...

just randomly, what does you name mean?

any hoo, great work, you are a truly insparational writer.
4/23/2006 c1 Please Deactivate
very heartfelt, i think i could actually feel the beating of my heart when you said, "Silence the beating of a heart..."i like and hope to read more when i have time...

~Single Black Rose
4/20/2006 c1 Little Junkie
ooh very nice. don't answer the sirens! seems like your narrator and Ulysses have something in common! do you know that myth?

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