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for Yellow Roses

1/9/2007 c1 31Reflex
Fine piece of writing you have here. Kind of writing that's popular these days. :)

You also asked for criticism. I suggest describing the backgrounds and setting more. It gives the story a more solid feeling.
6/21/2006 c1 123Black and White Dreams
Aw... That's so sad! Poor Lola! This is like real life kind of. Beautiful story, but so sad. On my favorites. Beautiful job.

6/15/2006 c1 50Kristina Suko
Aw... poor Lola... lucky Nadia... I love it!It needs some reconstructing- try and use more commas and semicolons. It was a bit choppy because instead of combining, you put in a period. Still, it was good, and all it needs is a little work on the punctuation. Adieu! Maranwe
5/28/2006 c1 116searchlight
Oh my gosh. This was so beautiful and so achingly sad. Missed opportunities of l'amour. I really loved the description, it made me connect with the characters, like I was actually a bystander observing it all. I'm somewhat sad that it's done. Are you planning any sequels? Of course, this probably would not be an easy story to make a sequel of. Part of the haunting loss is the abrupt end of the relationships, no? Excellent.

4/19/2006 c1 7firefairy27
I enjoyed it very much, sweet, and sad. It's one of those "bite-the-bullet" and do it things. I find the dead roses in the window sill oddly symbolic.

It's kind of ironic, where Tyler was busy trying to find the courage to give Nadia the rose, Lola was probably trying to find the same courage to tell Tyler that she liked him, ironic, truly ironic. but fantastic, and really touching.

4/19/2006 c1 2Wildflowermoon
I loved the story! There was one strange thing though. When I finished the story, for some reason it just popped into my head that Lola and Nadia were sisters. It seemed unlikely when I reread their physical descriptions, but I couldn't stop thinking it. Anyways, great story, it's awesome when your characters seem so real the reader thinks of them as people.~Wildflowermoon
4/19/2006 c1 2ZePuKa
yes! finally! it worked! w00t! I got this notice in my email that you uploaded this story 3 times now, but the first two it would always come up saying 'story not found' =(

nice plotline! ^_^ I fell in love with the characters and how you got so in depth with them in just that short time! and all the imagery, though you didn't overkill it like some authors tend to do!

...w00t for the pig! =D

and poor lola... =(

but great story! =)
4/18/2006 c1 angelicdust
aw. dat was so beautiful! i luvd dis! especially da luv paret..u brought out da felings so aptly... i mean it was wonderful1! way to go !

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