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5/5/2006 c1 a lonely september
my ultimate reaction to this was 'god, that sucks' (no, not the poem, silly, the situation). i know that feeling, know people who know the feeling, and that's part of the reason it's so good. it's real. and i like how it's written to. the emotion, pain, everything in it. good : )
4/20/2006 c1 32MagikMelody
wow this was REALLY good. i really felt it. i could even almost see in my mind the person saying this. awesome job!~MagikMelody
4/20/2006 c1 90poetic abortion
i can see why he loved it. the styling is, honest to god, very eyecetching and the word use is just...powerful. the last two lines really make it stand out, give it a power all its own. well done.

~* noelle

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