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2/24/2020 c5 zagato
so sweet thank you
7/17/2019 c5 Mukta Gadgil
Wow this story is so adorably cute. The way the mood was set and their conversations didn't feel forced but went with the flow. I noticed the word 'veritable' often popped out at places which is my new favorite word now.

The girl is adorkably cute and the guy is deliciously romantic. The way you described them had me. Hooked
5/16/2019 c5 Dove29
7/19/2018 c5 Acie
So much sweetness and adorableness
11/9/2015 c5 1somersaultkick
That must be very embarassing. Good grief this is so cute.
11/28/2014 c5 1hannaxD
Go tawnie!
Good luck :)
11/12/2014 c5 BlackHare9
aahhhhh omg omg omg*jumping up and down like a little girl* I think i had my goofiest smile on for most of the story. they are soooooooooo adorable.
7/30/2014 c5 SRee
You are extremely good. You should seriously think about getting yourself published.
7/4/2014 c5 ajashire1
Awwwwwwww dude this is absolutely wonderful!
I'm filled with so many fuzzys right now. This story has made my day! X3
1/27/2014 c5 DragonOwl
I love the ending! And I also love the description of her brother!
8/27/2013 c5 1Belly boo1099
Aww cute story!
8/4/2013 c5 4Let'sGetDownToBusiness
I love the whole concept of your story, how it wasn't too "cheesy" (though I have no idea how their relationship would work out afterwards) but when she told Nathan that the two poems were about him, wouldn't you be pretty freaked out if someone had a crush on you for so long? But other than that, it was cute :]
8/3/2013 c5 arien
So, what about Janelle?
6/1/2013 c5 3TheClosetWriter16
Wow, I loved this so much! :D It is amazing! I can't believe you were 14/15 when you wrote it haha. Seriously though, I enjoyed every second of this story! ;) Feel free to write a sequel :P
4/14/2013 c5 2Clawstrike590
Just found you now. I wish I found you earlier though. The story is great and I completely vote for a sequel! Haha. You are an amazing writer.

Your new reader,
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