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7/20/2006 c1 18KG Jonta
I really like this. It's deep and questioning.
5/31/2006 c1 133Dying Rose
Creepy. VERY well-written. I love the imagery and wording in this piece. Great job!
5/16/2006 c1 63Garen Ruy Maxwell
Woo. Deliciously creepy. It reminds me of what I had in mind for High Priest... *claps hand over mouth* Crap.
4/28/2006 c1 1CheshireKat17
You know I was gothic in my school days -SweeneyYah and now you eat people -DracoNo, not eat, kill and bake into pies, I don't eat them tho...well maybe if I'm really hungry -SweeneyO I wanna guess what sterotypes you all were! -HarryOh what fun -HouseHouse was an Emo Kid! And errm Snapes was also gothic, Sessler was a nerd, Draco is a bully and... -HarryHarry is a loser freak -DracoAnd he doesn't like girls if you know what I mean -SesslerHey! -Harry

Hey! Hold up, who said you hitmen are allowed on fictionpress! These people are more sophisticated than others. ((sighs)) Anway Wow, that was good! Creepy but good! Was that a one shot or going to be a chapter story? You know I can never tell

~**~Somewhere beyond the sea~**~~Kitty~

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