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for Forever Death and Darkness

4/15/2007 c1 174a silenced revolution
I love it. Very dark. Wonderful. *favourite*
7/12/2006 c1 14The Devil's Sins
Sweet and melancholy. I love the kind of lost sense of reality mixed with recognition of life. Simply brilliant!
5/31/2006 c1 133Dying Rose
Very moving; I like how you portray death as something not to be feared. For truly, people so often fear something so beautiful. I have nearly died a couple times, and it's nothing to fear. Death is beautiful. You have written this beauty very clearly in a wonderful poem.I only have one question - who are "they" in the last verse? You didn't make that very clear.Other than any misunderstanding caused by that, I absolutely adore this poem. AWESOME WORK.
4/28/2006 c1 1CheshireKat17
Anjust makes me sad -SweeneyIts anjst, no u in that -HouseOk, teacher -SweeneyDon't mock teachers! -SnapesYah, only I can do that! -Draco((hits him)) -SnapesTeachers are your best friends -Harry((sings)) Its reaall yes its real love, its real yes its real love -Sesser... -Hitmen

That was sad ((tears)) But I do love your poems no matter how sad, they are great! Keep up with the AWESOME work. (By the bye how do you like the invasion of the hitmen on fictionpress lol)

~**~Seems that all I really was doing was waiting for love~**~~Kitty~

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