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for Doesn't Mean I Like You

11/25/2011 c11 1Echoing Shadow
Riggght where to start? I really like this story line and the chemistry between the characters but...I I'm not feeling the connection between it all. There is something missing in your descriptions, like a bit of life it something. Perhaps drag out the scenes more and create suspense; let the readers want it before you give it to them? :/ I'm really sorry to sound harsh but I like this story and that just makes it difficult for me to enjoy... But please don't stop! I love it still and want to know what happens between them all! Cheers :)
12/10/2008 c1 71Subbie
Wow. That's different. But what does happen? I see that there are more chapters althought this seems more lke a oneshot. Hmm... I might read them, I might not. I kinda like the closure ending on the first chapter.

12/7/2008 c5 RhinnonRings
Are you serious you might use my idea? You're awesome! And the end would be good if Josh really had to look the pros and cons of each guy besides the fact that they're both good in bed and whether or not he genuinely loves Dean. Or if he picks Kelsey he has to give up Dean and being able to be with him and only able to see Kelsey every now and then. So my vote is for Dean. TEAM DEAN!WOOT!
12/7/2008 c11 RhinnonRings
So, I stumbled upon your story and once I started reading it I ate it up. And a friend of mine read it and same thing there but I myself just kinda thought of a good idea for the next chapter: have Kelsey and Dean get into a fight over Josh and force Josh to pick. Just an idea.
8/27/2006 c11 39Audio Stardust
Okay, to be cruelly honest, I'm not sure why I'm still reading this. The idea's good; it just isn't carried out articulately at all.
8/26/2006 c4 Audio Stardust
If we're gonna be honest, this isn't too well written, at least not yet- you use the same words a number of times and don't have much detail in anything, plus parts are pretty typical. I still kinda like it.
8/23/2006 c9 Drew
Please update soon. ugh I hate his ex.
8/15/2006 c11 14Aloharocker
i absolutely love this story so far, definitely update soon!
6/26/2006 c11 25Esquirella
Seems like Kelsey was more in love with Josh than Josh originally thought.
6/25/2006 c11 1False Alarm
Ah, poor Kelsey, poor, poor Kelsey.. *sighs*

Josh's dad should have caught them red handed. Just to complicate things..
6/6/2006 c10 False Alarm
Oh no! NO! What about Kelsey? Has Josh lost him for good? So he finally did choose Dean? *cries* that's just wrong. I don't agree on this at all.

Ok, ok.. I'll calm down now. So, yes, it wasn't the way I would have had it but hey, you're not me so.. yeah. I'm okay with this... eventually.

Good chapter, though. I'm glad they got rid of that bitch though I have this feeling she's going to cause more trouble for them after this. I'd really like to know what Beth told her :D
6/1/2006 c10 5Twisted By Design
I'm glad Ashley and Dean are finally over. When she went bursting out the front door, I hope she was hit by a bus. Or a tank. Anyway, I still LOVE Josh's character, and I have absolutely no idea why. I'm just really into his character's personality. I think he and Dean are absolutely adorable together. Maybe I'm just forgetting something I read a little earlier in the chapter, (considering I'm review like three days after I read it) but what do they need to talk about in the morning? I guess I'll find out. Great chapter; great story. Keep it up!
6/1/2006 c10 25Esquirella
COOL! What did Beth have on Ashley? I hope it's really good dirt!

Yay, Josh FINALLY admitted to Dean he loves him!
5/25/2006 c9 5Twisted By Design
I'm really enjoying this story. I can't help but really really like Josh's character. Update soon!
5/25/2006 c9 25Esquirella
Why do the ex-girlfriends have to be such fucking bitches all the time? *sigh* Have I mentioned lately how much I hate Ashley? Ugh! Maybe you can write in a steamroller to bump her off!
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