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5/21/2010 c10 dipintheriverstyx

best story ever!

just thought you should know
9/12/2009 c10 sarcasm is my middle name
hmm... wonder who the son her age could be?
4/11/2009 c10 7EFaye

plz... i really love this story so far :D
4/8/2009 c10 StoriesAtMidnight
hey, good story! idk if you still have writers block, or your just not continuing the story, but if you do, some ideas... i don't have anything specific, but what you need is a problem in the story, that threatens their relationship or something... idk what exactly, but you had mentioned the guy who raped shay, and there was a guy in the parking lot the time blake was drunk, maybe you could incorporate that somehow... idk, just ideas. but it is a really good story!
9/22/2008 c2 RunBabyRun
Beer? Darling, we drink B-52, Sex on the Beach, Absinthe and Champagne! But I guess we're just private school brats! =D.

Wait...IB program schools are prep schools, aren't they? Cause they should be, the amount of homework we get...Ridiculous!

PS. I love your story!
8/24/2008 c1 RunBabyRun
8/16/2007 c10 6Carmel March
Ah, I love this story so far. Love it :) You've got great characters, a clever storyline, and a refreshing style of writing. Keep up the amazing work, and update soon!

7/28/2007 c10 Devil's fall
your story is great just right what comes to mind , maybe one of lillys sons the older one is a real pain, or maybe something happens between blake and rayce think of something im sure it will be great. update soon.
7/27/2007 c10 BananaPhone
nice chappie, been waiting for an update since i don't know when XD
7/25/2007 c10 SuperCUTEJensen
great chapter...I love it...I cant wait to see what happens next... hope you update soon
6/14/2007 c9 birdshitftw
YAY! Thank god, moses, zeus, or the coffee god. I thought you just abandoned the story completely (obviously not) please please please post asap to make me and your other readers REALLY happy. I ;give you cake!

caring is creepy
6/8/2007 c9 1uberBadJuju
if there is a God you will update soon...
6/5/2007 c9 2productioncity
Thank you so much for making your time to write this story! ;D

What do you mean about 'adding a new character.' And a HIM?

It better not ruin Rayce and Blakes re-Laysh-mehnn-shipp-uhh! Er, relationship. ^^

Thank You, and stalk youu! Until you update, anyway.
6/2/2007 c9 Alexandra90
Your story is amazing:)

Geat Job

Update soon:)
6/1/2007 c9 18icequeen401
im glad you havent left!


keep on writing
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