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for Koibito no Ryu

12/6/2020 c2 zagato
Wonderful story!
9/19/2020 c31 JazzyCat67
I loved this story so much! My only wish was that it was longer or never ended.
Either way, amazing job! i really hope you're still writing somewhere (and if you are or have published anything please let me know so I can get it!)
9/17/2020 c1 Guest
I just want to know what happens with nakamura
4/1/2020 c31 Guest
You should upload this to Wattpad! It would do really well
5/27/2019 c8 Hello
Not too fast paced at all! It’s more realistic this way
5/27/2019 c4 Hi Bello
Your writing is excellent and the story is extremely compelling!
5/27/2019 c2 Hihello
Very original. Good work!
11/21/2018 c31 Guest
That was AMAZING, FABULOUS, EXTRAORDINARY! I LOVED IT TO BITS :) Has to be like the best story here I have ever read. Thank you so much for sharing it with us :)
11/14/2018 c31 Guest
Loved your book. Can I know the name of the sequel to this story of yours?
7/7/2018 c31 Plsplspls
I just finished this and I loved it so much love all the detail you put into it I cant wait for the sequel I hope you will write more this story was just so fucking good omgosh im in love with dragons for sure now lmfao
7/6/2018 c17 Plsplspls
Loved the lemon lmaooo
7/6/2018 c4 Plsplspls
This is great I really like the way you have your pages set up cant wait to keep reading
5/26/2018 c23 Guest
Can you please write a story id nakamura and Sun? I’m begging :(
5/2/2018 c1 sd9433
really good story just finished this book on may 3, 2018. I wish you wrote its sequel story as well. You are an amazing writer
1/9/2018 c1 Guest
Please write the sequel! I loved your story. You should seriously think about publishing it.
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