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for Uno (No name as of yet, so i number it =/)

11/25/2005 c2 22Shinagami's shadow
omg i love your story. it was great and well inspireing for ones imagnation. i hope you write more!
10/8/2005 c2 Lunar Solstice
Awesome. You put my stuff to shame!
2/5/2005 c2 7Lyarah
hmm those two chapter seem like just an intro.. so its quite good for that. Nice description! I just cant wait to see how the circus people match the vampires people.
12/21/2003 c2 Fester's Love
It's good, it definately has the potential to be an amazing story. I hope you write more, I'd love to read it.
3/14/2001 c2 julie
good story but what happend to TY & mike & them?
3/14/2001 c1 julie
I LOVE the story write more if you can!
3/5/2001 c1 4Raine Ishida
Go ahead and continue! I found it quite humerous actually.
3/2/2001 c2 1Gunn
It's a bit confusing having a first person narrative from two seperate people but having said that I still read through both chapters and am looking forward to more.
2/27/2001 c1 steph B
dar dar dar! great story katers! keep writint!
2/26/2001 c2 7JaffaCake
A pretty good start to a horror story. It's very interesting, and fun to read. Keep up the writing.
2/26/2001 c1 sal
2/26/2001 c1 Spankeh
Wai Kate you're such a good writer! I love your writing style, keep going o.O I hate un-finished stories, finish it or I'll..I'll... EAT SOME PIE! HA! Take that! Luve ya ^_^
2/26/2001 c1 maggie
heyya, it was very good. honestly. im liking ur extensive vocabulary and "way with words." the plot's intersting and the character development is superb so far. and good job witht he "suspense factor" at the end...i cant wait to continue reading it!
2/25/2001 c1 Ashie
I love it *-* The way he takes command in his boss's office XD I doooo like it! Where's the second chapter? @ I know I know, it's coming x.x I'll just wait...patiently .; But ja for now!

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