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for Four Seasons

5/12/2006 c1 29Katterree Fengari
interesting...I got a feel more of going through someone's life as they age than of anything about the seasons...

It's kind of confusing since it's basically a bunch of images, and I wasn't completely sure how they all connected, since a lot are fragments.

I like the line "Honing inner fem fatale", though I think it might be "femme". I really like the ending. For "Mistress time forever young" if you're give time a title, you might want to capitalize time. Also, I thought the "God's karma" was interesting, since karma is from the Hindu religion and "God" is used in the more monotheistic religions, it's sort of a mix.
5/9/2006 c1 130b-U-b-TRUE
hey! this is an amazing poem, good flow. I find it very abstract but I'm sure the thought is there. Keep working!Kim

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