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3/9/2008 c1 123454321
'And dwell on imperfection'- Grammatically I think it should have an 's' on 'imperfection' and it shouldn't detract from your rhyming scheme.

The last two lines are very apropos, I think, considering what was said earlier in the piece. They are my favorite.


Courtesy of the review marathon (link on profile).
9/4/2006 c1 86Isis lives
nice poem! I love the imagery that of all the different aspects of a crush. But still my favourite lines are the first 4:

"Crushes are sickening

A painful infatuation

That tears us apart

With such desperation"

so true. What a bummer XD.

Keep writing, as always,

Isis x
5/28/2006 c1 48iwillshine
huh its funny as i was reading this it sounded exactly like what just happened today pretty much! LOVED IT!(11)
5/11/2006 c1 42Anecdotes Of The Arcane
fuck, so true. Loved the ending for some sick twisted reason, it was witty and striking. Damn you!
5/10/2006 c1 5ErrorDexis
Wow, so painfully true; cut me deep. I love to see the work of my reviewers and thank them.

so here goes.


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