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for The Things She Carried

12/10/2006 c1 1turqoiseinstant
this is funny...i also had to read that story for english and also wrote an interpretation of it in my own way. i really liked yours...i'd love it if you read mine and let me know what you think of it. thanks!
6/1/2006 c1 1Al O Bunny Professional PS WP
Well I thought this story was alright. But as in all stories there are things you could change and improve upon.

More description! This could be much longer and more detailed. It looks as though you were going for a vague bunch of memories that would make people think of what really happened. But it is the writer's job to describe and create the story, not half create the story and let the reader do the rest.

Also that note: (thank you, Mr. Fernandez). I don't see what its point. What is its signifigance. It just seems... out of place.

Nice work. Keep writing.
6/1/2006 c1 27Apoc Genesis
I could really identify with this character, the whole thing about the burdens. Really I think most teenagers can identify with her, because she seems to represent all of the teenage and adolescent bullshit that gets thrown on us , not just by parents but by school, friends, all that great stuff. The story itself was excellent, and i liked the way it was written, but i feel that the overall message is so much stronger than the story itself
5/10/2006 c1 13Horace Gold
Very well written. I saw the title and had to check it out, as I just started reading the same book. (Also for English class)

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