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for Would You Still Love Me?

5/11/2006 c1 858Anna178
First off I have to say (though it's pointless) your sumamry confuses the hell outta me. Maybe I'm just a dumbass but I can't piece together what its saying...

kay, another dumb comment but on the second line I LOVE how you put 'okay' instead of 'OK'. I hate how people write it OK...it always ruins the moment.

Yea, in writing I'm always going off about time...and in this you go into time a little bit...so of course I love you for it. lol. I'm sorry my reviews can't be more serious. You'd probably hate me if they were anyway.

5/11/2006 c1 80Korashio
Aw wow. I'm speechless on this one. I think everyone could relate to this at least once in their life. I know I've felt this way. I fell in love with a guy and I feared he would reject me. He ended up hating me but in a wierd way because he still loved me. It turned into a love hate relationship with a lot of pain, broken heart, misunderstandings, but in the end things fell into place and we're friends, ( He still pisses me off sometimes though) but I guess in the right way. We both got our feelings and emotions straightened out.

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