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for Afternoon Shadows

10/17/2014 c1 5Ishotthealbatross
Shit shit shit.
Did that just happen? Oh my gosh.
Brilliant story, and completely unexpected ending. Love the twist.
10/25/2006 c1 10giRLAddiCted
You ARE going to continue this aren't you? Because it's not worth just sitting there gathering dust and casting shadows in your mind...it's an awesome piece...hope you continue it!
5/22/2006 c1 JaveHarron
Awesome ending! Gotta love S&M!
5/13/2006 c1 1Safety Canary
Oh my God! I know I shouldn't be laughing, but I am...

This reminds me of something I might write.
5/11/2006 c1 10araihc12
How'd you know what I do after school?

I loved how the reader slowly realizes what is about to be discovered, but not really-you know?

I just kept thinking-"They're killers...no, wait, they're secret agents...no...AHA! They're torturers!"

And then: "Oh... dude... they're... torturers."

Excellent dialogue sequence. You capture voices perfectly!

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