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5/13/2006 c1 91son of frost
It seems to me that your relationship is experiencing a little turbulance. I hope that everything works out and goes well for you. I can't say I have any advice really, I've never been sure if I've done the right thing, or should've done something different. Good poem.
5/11/2006 c1 123mobman
brilliant, good job
5/11/2006 c1 6a falling star
OMG. this is like EXACTLY how i feel right now/how i've felt for a while... you did an amazing job of putting this into words && i love this. great work! keep writing.

5/11/2006 c1 92burning in effigy
Absolutely love how you formatted this, with the beginning repeating. Makes it seem like the person is confused and/or unable to really experss their emotions, and I like how you can show the person's uncertainty/ nervousness(?)

Great job!
5/11/2006 c1 197the Stranger in the moonlight
This was really awesome. I like the contradiction of wants every other line. Great job.

Keep writing!

~the Stranger in the moonlight~

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