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for I've Lost My Fear Of Falling

11/27/2006 c12 illegallyinsane
i'm really confuzed.
5/27/2006 c12 ClaimingUntoughable
what thats the end of tne story what is this who does she go woth. the young one or the olders brother. hope u can write another story to tell you viewer which one it is. but over all i really like it. keep up the great work.
5/22/2006 c12 2delusional101
Wait. I'm confulzed. What happened?
5/20/2006 c8 11floating away
whope! new chapters make me very, very happy. keep up the great work!
5/19/2006 c8 2delusional101
WHHE! Okay, you know, I really like that you update a lot. Coz this is good. And I like it. And... um.. is it possible to get stoned off of marshmellows? Coz I feel... nevermind. Okay. So... UPDATE NOW!
5/19/2006 c7 delusional101
Yay, an update. W00t. Gah. So... christ, its friday and i'm sitting here. commenting on fp. i have no life. other then that startling realization, THIS WAS... dun dun dun. FUCKIN Awesome! Okay, so, update soon. And this is totally going on my fav stories list! :P :D
5/13/2006 c6 delusional101
I really like this. I do. And I'm not (no offense to anyone) a emo-ish bitch person. I'm just a bitch. But you know, I'll spare you from that rant. I was really obsessed w. MCR until they redid Under Pressure. No matter how awesome they are, no one can REALLY redo the classics. But, save my opinion, THIS IS FUCKIN SWEET! Well, anyways. Update soon, minion.
5/13/2006 c6 maeve of hearts
Excellent! I love it! YAY!

I love MCR. Mikey's hot.

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