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1/30/2004 c1 Sekai no Hikari
What first caught my eye was the Japanese word kaze, cause I am a fan of japanese stuff. When I read the story, I thought how little justice such a simple title did it. This was excellent, and can describe more than just wind. I can see that it could also describe a person, too.
2/20/2002 c1 Soliloquy Addams
You create moods very well. The tranquility is contageous.
4/23/2001 c1 kalobuko screw signing in takes too damn long
Wah! I love your showing. WAH! I wish I could get my flowery bloohaha into something structured like that. I commend you on your style. The single use of words (not unlike the fragments I use all the time, to my english teacher's chagrin) really "packs a kickass punch," as I like to say. Want me to use a Japanese word to explain my feelings?: SUGOI! It flows nicely, and I love the mood you set in it. It's rather haunting and it's sure to stick with me tomorrow. Um, I'm BSing now. Nice, nice, nice. What can I say? It kicks ass!

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