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8/29/2013 c7 1The Pixie One
I like the way you can't tell whats going to happen next, it's boring seeing the same old thing all the time. Hope you update soon :D.
11/24/2008 c4 1Little Magic Tongue
Woah man, you got some imagination! I FREAKIN LOVE THIS STORY! There, happy? This is quite, a nice review. It should make your day (god knows I would love to get reviews like this) Lol! Anways, back to the main point of me writting this. I. Love. This. Story. Period. Angels and demons, they always make for an awsome story, and the way you write it just makes it flat out BAD ASS! I seriously couldn't stop reading! Well, I have now- but trust me, I WILL get back to this story. I love the demon brothers! And their awsome swords, that are actually necklaces (brilliant idea), and their WINNGGSS! Oh ya, and the half breed. She rocks. It's wierd, I was thinking of like the EXACT same story of this a while back.. I just never got it down on paper. Congrats to you for giving it life! What else can I praise you for- the fox? Genuis. You rock man. Reply if u can!
11/16/2006 c1 Black Kit
Me like... now Where's my cookies and milk? No really, your plot is really interesting so far! I've been really picky recently on fics but I really want to go read the next chapter so... that's all you get for a reveiw for now!
10/31/2006 c1 2Evil Minion Number 2
Over all: could use a little variation in sentence starters. And remember what your English teachers have told you forever, “Don’t tell me, show me.” Otherwise, it’s nto a bad concept, though I can’t see much demon blood in her at all, at least not yet.

“остальные в мире, немногая одно...” She muttered slowly, as a ball of light formed in her open palm.

Hum… sounds latin, but I don’t speak the language, so I wouldn’t know.

It would rest in peace forever in the heavens. (Translation: Rest in peace, little one…).

Don’t think the translation’s really nessicary.

“Damn, gotta be careful,” she hissed through clenched teeth.

Artis: Hey look, she talks to herself! That’s a sign of no friends! Ha!

The girl looked to the angels. “What do you want me to do?”

Wait, wasn’t she already staring at them?
10/12/2006 c1 4MissXOX
Wow! Hehe this story is freaky and its quite long for the first chapter.. or is it that you double spaced? haha nevermind, nice story! =)
8/23/2006 c1 Removed01
It has potential to go somewhere, so you're doing alright. But what the hell, this is only the first chapter, eh? I need to read more to see where it is going ^^

A little recommendation: When you put a piece of dialogue with that language you're using, don't put the meaning next to it or in the text. Make us suffer and put it at the bottom, that way it doesn’t interrupt the reading process with a new train of thought.

Good stuff,

Best Wishes from AG

PD: Nay, don’t regret it. Me too lovely to be strangled either way
8/18/2006 c3 4Twins of Darkness
that was helpful Chrissee, real helpful. i needed to know that.next time you review, try to say exactly what is good/bad and if you like it. saying who you are helps like hell...lol, don't you all love this story?

8/18/2006 c1 39EmoAssassin
i am chindust btw
7/31/2006 c2 chindust
wow this is awesome! keep writing, im in suspense!
7/24/2006 c1 11Torn and Tattered
It feels so weird reviewing your own story... -shudder- but i just wanted to say for all those that are confused, that was not the end of the story, but at this point i have a nasty little thing called two broken fingers. I've finally KINDA adapted to typing like this but it is different. I'm sorry Truble if I confused you but i'm just happy you reviewed. Thanks a lot everyone for the support. Me sighning my story... -shudder again-

7/23/2006 c1 Truble
Heyz! WOw! That is one hell of a story! I was kinda hopin you would upload a continued chapter but I guess that isn't gonna happen. Anywayz GREAT story! Well done!

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