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8/28/2006 c2 24Tad Zendol
What happened to the rest?

Why'd you stop, Shooyi?

I miss this story.
6/16/2006 c2 8Katie123
Very nice! I like the ending. Hailey's character is starting to annoy me, though...I would seriously consider explaining things in the next chapter. I mean, sure, her boyfriend died and that's awful, but unless she really did kill him, then she should be starting to recover by now. *shrugs* I'm known for being blunt and overly opinionated, so feel free to ignore everything I just said. Keep writing!
5/24/2006 c2 44catching-falling-stars
oh my gosh! i love it! i love this story! i wish i could read on so you must put a new chapter up soon! you can feel the emotion of your characters. it's just so intense. i love it!
5/24/2006 c1 catching-falling-stars
wow! amazing! you captured me! oh i can't wait to read on. i loved it.
5/22/2006 c1 8Katie123
This was really good, I feel bad for this girl. I think this probably needs to be longer, both at the beginning and the end...this just doesn't seem completed, for some reason. *shrugs* Also, there were a couple places your punctuation didn't fit her tone. Other than that, fantastic! Keep up the good work!
5/20/2006 c1 24Tad Zendol
Beautiful. I take it that that wasn't the end, and if it is, I think that you should think about adding some more. If it wasn't the end, then I would love to hear some more of it.-TadpoleP.S. Just wondering... Can I know what John died of, or is that part of the story?

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