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11/25/2012 c1 3Charles.W
Wow. This is written really well and you can empathise and see the point of view of each character, as well as it being an interesting premise overall.
7/1/2009 c1 1hurricanelucy
Wow, I have to say that this was one of those stories you read through, then sit back at the end, and saw, "Wow."

Such a creative, dark idea.

Beautiful. :)
6/21/2009 c1 30Philodice
Good dialog. Writing such should not be a lost art. :)
8/2/2007 c1 No One In the House
Very interesting and creepy. Good job!
12/10/2006 c1 52Liviania
Excellent story, with a wonderfully creepy narrator. This is a theme I'm VERY familiar with-my mother is a tattoo aficiando, and quite serious about people choosing an image that means something. (She especially hates people who pick something the instant they turn 18.) Of course, Jess might disapprove of the fact her one tattoo involve a rose (well, a bud).

But great exploration of the theme, inventive method of murder, and wonderful closing.

11/7/2006 c1 MysticNeko
Wow. This is...wierd. Very interesting tho.

Is that the way you really feel about tatoos? Just curious. I have tattoos. My first was a dragonfly. I will admit tho, it wasnt well thought out. I love it, but didnt take the time to actually think of it. I was also wondering if you really had your nose pierced, becuase that was my first, and that hurt like a bitch. That was the worst. (I also have my lip, but that wasnt so bad) Umm...I dunno. I liked it!
10/7/2006 c1 79Ashes.to.Acid
Whoa. . .eerie, very very eerie.
7/22/2006 c1 3spikedmango
Wow, that was amazing. Very captivating. I agree with Jess's opinion on the tattoos (maybe not her actions) and in a short space you made the characters believable. If I were you I'd find a magazine or something to submit this to.
7/10/2006 c1 138Aero Faerie Extraordinaire
Symbolism. Got it. It was amazing. I agree with Jess. If it's going to be on your body forever, it has to have some meaning. I hate it when people have loads of tatoos for no reason other than having them.

I loved every aspect of this story.

Much love,Aero
5/25/2006 c1 q
wow, uve got everything in here, romance(some), death, revenge, and of course, stupid people.


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