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10/30/2010 c1 1not always sane
Simple and beyond sweet. I enjoyed it very much.
5/3/2010 c1 3Ayame Kaoru
this was such a beautiful story. I hope to read more works from you!
6/3/2008 c1 2erasmuss
Cubas Coka-Cola is called Tu-Kola and if I never see it again, I will be happy.

Rum and coke is a fuckin nasty thing to get drunk off.

Spent a little hwil in Cuba not so long ago, but thats probably the only reaosn I can picture all the things you describe.

The bit about the buisness didnt make much sense to me though, unless this is based before the revolution...

Deh- Otehrwise it's real sweet. I love the "Te Amos" line. You could have compeltly finished with that.

Its good. I'll have to check out your toher work too methinks.


5/21/2006 c1 katie
That was really beautiful. I'm in awe.
5/21/2006 c1 Stalker
5/21/2006 c1 24Limited Edition
I absolutely hate you and am dark emerald green with envy at the OH SHIT geez. This was GOOD. This is a favorite. I loved the vocabulary (how I wish I could have a vocabulary too XD), the perspective, the...everything. Truly original piece. Some spelling mistakes, the html codes didn't work properly and a little too many brackets, but...fuck that XD I love ya.

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