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for The Merchant's Daughter

6/15/2019 c38 TheMagicalHandbag
Love your story! It’s driving me crazy how so many men Jeanine has around her that are love interests. Like I want see her in love with someone ( other than Jack) eventually, but I love that she is finding love and surety within herself first.
6/11/2019 c38 Guest
Thank you. I thought it made sense. Looking forward to more.
3/5/2019 c37 Chaostion
I think her outburst made sense, at this point she'd feel like it'd all be for naught. She considers him a friend and he seemed to have done a 180 from his previous position from her perspective. I'm curious if she's actually going to leave the ship or if some naval battle interferes with that.
2/18/2019 c37 Guest
I love this story! So, so happy that the story that I have read for YEARS is progressing forward. Love the intricacies of these relationships.
1/21/2019 c35 Chaostion
I really love this story. I first read it back in 2011 and thought about it the other day. I read it all over again in less than a day and it still holds up. I'm glad you're still updating!
1/15/2019 c35 Guest
So happy that you have updated this! Thank you! First read this years and years ago and thought you had stopped. Please finish!
12/16/2016 c34 Guest
Sophia should have been sent to a boarding school or something in the beginning she was a spoiled brat and she still is!
12/16/2016 c16 Guest
Ok in the story can you kill off Jack he's the reason Jeanine is going through and Sophia don't get me started on her, marry her off to some old fool who straighten her out!
9/29/2016 c34 mandywhitrod
well I just read the whole story , so far, this evening ... I hope the next chapter comes along soon
2/26/2013 c17 ohimamarigold
Wow! Very well written. :) And I hate Colin! What a little serpent! Poor Jeanine.
2/23/2013 c5 ohimamarigold
I love this chapter! And I just laughed at the part where Michael yells at the girls for fighting. :)
2/23/2013 c4 ohimamarigold
This chapter was great! I almost had tears coming into my eyes! You are a good writer. :)
1/9/2013 c5 Noelle J. Parker
1st - Question, why is it that the father didn't teach them how to ride? Just too busy? He taught his 1st wife how to ride.

2nd - love that the Royce's are already introduced... that's all i'll say on them for now. :) Except that I actually liked Allan Royce from the very beginning... don't know why but I did.

And Rose Boy returns!
1/9/2013 c4 Noelle J. Parker
And in enters Sophia... what to think of her... have to confess at my first read I did not like her one iota... have to say though I'm beginning to think that might be your intent :) New family... didn't like this either but alas where would the story go without it? Just attached to Jeanine I suppose... ahhh my heart goes out to the girl! And that is why this story is so wonderful!

Truly loved the father and daughter(s) moment... again learning and exploring so much in Jeanie's character! Such a good job building your characters!
1/9/2013 c3 Noelle J. Parker
Can't say that I was surprised to read that the mother had died, greatly saddened (already hooked and its only the 3rd chapter!). Again though, just background on who the little girl will become. And in comes the boy! Oh and a side note... I appreciate the glimpse into the little girl that hides. To everyone else she appears to be obedient and a follower but she's not so much as just wants to make everyone happy... loved when she twirled around before getting her little sister... such a good character.
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