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1/9/2013 c2 Noelle J. Parker
Love their relationship! Love them... as parents, and husband and wife, just love them! Background... I don't think some people realize who important it is! Not only to the story and how it gets told but to each and every character it touches.
1/9/2013 c1 Noelle J. Parker
I really appreciate the care and time you've taken to build all of your characters, and specifically Jeanine's... she is of course your main character. But even from the very first line to the last chapter the words you chose are perfection when portraying her meek, understanding, and utterly loyal personality. Love her, she possesses the weaknesses that everyone should have but the amazing ability to push through each and everyone of them, no matter the consequences to herself. She is always thinking of others. Anywho... I think maybe I've gotten a chapter or two ahead in the part of the review but... :) I really like the background her, letting us know the parents first. Again, perfect way to help develop your main character. Sweet, loving parents. Also, I am in rapture with how you write. The way that it flows, each word working to support the ones around it... amazing! Beautiful story! Tugs at the heart strings and makes the wheels in ones head spin
1/9/2013 c33 Noelle J. Parker
Good heavens! First of all... I must tell you that I am completely blown away! You're story is one that I have not been able to stop thinking about since I finished Ch. 33 yesterday morning. I mean... wow! So anyways, now that I've finished that... I am going to go back and review all the previous chapters as well. When I've finished with Ch 1 - 32 i'll review 33 again... I want to do them in order and get all my thoughts in. But seriously?! Keep them coming! Can't wait for the next chapters... MUST know what happens next... sooooo many questions!
11/13/2012 c32 Sarah
Love your story, just wanted you to know! Looking forward to your update!
11/10/2012 c32 ab's
please update soon i love this story
10/19/2012 c31 mozartian

Write, write, write more! I'm losing my [expletive] mind over this!

And no, you have FAR more readers than you think. You are too [expletive] good of a writer for that. (Bad chapters? Banish the thought!) But you'd have even more if you remembered us, your ever-devoted readership. I mean, seriously... HOW can you [expletive] expect us to be okay with these cliffhangers you always torment us with? I feel like I'm forever following a carrot on a stick...

So... excuse all the expletives I've had to bleep out, but I feel you need to know just how seriously some of us obsessed book worms need our daily dose of "The Merchant's Daughter." I come back eagerly a week, two weeks, three weeks after each last update, and leave disappointed. When I come back in what feels like a century later, thinking there will again be nothing, bam! Another blessed chapter!

So please, PLEASE... call upon whatever muse who will inspire you to write more, and I will eternally be grateful. :)
10/17/2012 c31 Iluvrandomeness
You deserve so many more reviews! Though I do wish you would update more often, I love reading this story.
10/12/2012 c31 a.i.s
please continue
7/13/2012 c30 1Railia
I wish he was saying i hope it catches up with Jarvis instead of poor Jeanie. I think I wouldn't mind Connor and Jeanie ending together. And on that subject I'm really enjoying this side story with the boat crew but especially after a month or two of not reading this I'd forgotten all about Jack. Is she still pining after him? Is he still her driving force on the boat? Or is she just enjoying herself now living life? Looking forward to reading more!
7/12/2012 c30 2readlife
It's not nearly as bad as you made it seem! Though I can see some parts that you might want to change, it is really not a bad chapter at all. I'm excited to see how Jeanie's meddling influences O'Hannigan's and Platt's relationship. This is my favorite story on Fictionrpess right now, so I'm always looking forward to the updates, no matter how long they take.
4/24/2012 c29 1Railia
ahhh I didn't realize this was the last chapter you posted and it was terrible coming to an end! I really hope you continue this story! It's really well written and thought out!
4/6/2012 c29 mozartian
AAAAHH! I stayed up until 3:30AM just reading this last part. Why must you do this to us? I'm starving, dying... I MUST have MORE! Please, stories like this are what sustain me! Well, metaphorically speaking anyway... but it's entirely the authors' fault that stories like this are so damn compelling to read. :) You have no idea how much I abuse the FictionPress homepage just to check up on this story.

And if that wasn't a way to beat around the bush... please, please, PLEASE update again soon!
2/6/2012 c28 g
plz plz plz put up part 2 soon!
11/20/2011 c27 2readlife
Oh don't let it end there! This was a sweet chapter and it was nice to see different sides of Jeanine and Connor. I'm very curious about Connor now, what happened with Mr. Platt, and his feelings for Jeanine. I always look forward to your updates!
10/27/2011 c27 mozartian
Okay, I'm a lurker. I found this story whole eating lunch, had to read it at any free moment I had, and I got to say, I LOVE THIS STORY! :D

I won't go into the what/how/why I find this to be an amazing story, because it doesn't need any of those unnecessary justifications. What you *do* need to hear, however, is that if this were a published novel, I'd buy it! All the characters are so vividly described, so believable, I would've thought they were derived from people you knew.

Oh, and another thing: please update again soon! Very soon! I want to see and hear more. :) I can't even say "read," that's how good this is.
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