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for Melting Butter *novel excerpt*

2/27/2001 c1 DarkJaina
Sorry for the lack of signed review. This is extremely well written, and raises many questions in my mind. Please, continue it! :-) It also reminds me of a quote I read in my English class. It says, 'They are just words, how bad could they be ..." It will be interesting to read why the words are so important. Good job!
2/27/2001 c1 Excession
Very promising. I can't wait for more to be added. There are a few things that need explaining, like why every one is the same, why they need freedom, why books are forbiden and what's this "box" is, but since this is only the first chapter there's plenty of time yet. You wanted a good review, you got it! Now go write some more to feed our hunger...:-)

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