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for Let Me Cry

6/22/2004 c1 3Tired
I like the story and the concept. Sad and touching. Not certain however about the voice - I did not notice any indication on age for the narrator, but he sounds extremely old. Just from the words he uses and phrases. Also, some editing might make it tighter and increase the already considerable impact. Look forward to reading more - I like where the story is going and am intersted in learning more
8/10/2003 c1 19Behind the Curtain
this is really really good, it makes me feel like such a puney writer
10/15/2002 c1 ESL
This story was so moving! Reminds me a little of the series "Jeremiah", but only becasue the children are alive and the parents are dead...your storyline is totally different. You write very well, I'd be really interested to read the whole thing..even more interested to find out if you plan on publishing it. Favorite line: "..the sound more human than speech."..music is just awesome like that..Anyways, plan on reading some more of your stuff..keep writing!
3/11/2001 c1 2Lisa Cove
Very sad, and also very moving. I like the way you make the narrator think. I feel so sad now. Keep writing:)
3/10/2001 c1 4Pied Piper 1380
Wow, I don't know what to say...that was one of the most beautifully written stories I have read in a long time.
3/7/2001 c1 7The Lighter Side of Darkness
wow, that was brilliant! i don't think there's much else to say, as usual your work is great!

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