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for Help Her From Hell

5/25/2006 c1 25Guenevere Lee
I think everybody feels that way sometimes, some more than others, and that you captured it just perfectly.

This was really good.
5/25/2006 c1 1Mosaic Stains
One thing I learned about life is that it's never full of rose colored days unless you wear rose colored glasses. The only thing do is try our best to overcome or problems, sadness, and issues, and not allow it to dictate our life into depression. although I know it's easier said than done, I would know from personal experience. So with genuine honesty I really hope things get better for you.
5/25/2006 c1 16moralofthestory
That's sad. Do you live in a rural area? I can hardly imagine such a thing happening in the city!

Well, wait and time will tell. Life can be a tiger, but if you ride the tiger you can harness its power and use it to your advantage.

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