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7/3/2006 c1 24IwasSmitten
I really like the short lines and repetition you used. It's simple yet tells everything.
6/14/2006 c1 11ofbg
i didnt like the beginning but the rest made me happy. i like how you vary completing and not completeing your sentences. I esp like "ride on this hysteria" and the image of slipping a note under someones door.
6/10/2006 c1 612simpleplan13
I really like the choppiness of this.. its works extremely well.. very sad piece.. i can definately relate...
6/6/2006 c1 15Dragonscribe
Hmm, this about an absent parent or a past love? could be both, eh?

Sad, yet unique, i quite like it.

And to answer your question from the review you left, yes hes my fiance, im only 18, but age doesnt matter when you find that someone meant for you.
5/27/2006 c1 5Just Crane
i didnt really like the beginning with the arm thinging. it didnt really math with the rest of the poem. but the poem does get better as it goes along. overall, not ur best poem but is still deep. p.s. hows the studying going?
5/26/2006 c1 132mizu no kokoro
the thin line between love and hate, so true. good poem

keep writing!

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