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for Catch Me When I Fall

7/21/2006 c5 Guest
Talk about mixup, I loved the line about nailing and screwing, it was so random, but yet funny. I never thought of it that way (talk about dirty minds)
7/21/2006 c5 luluu
hey! loved the chapter! (not really entertaining, but it gives a lot of started stuff that i can tell you will develop further!) anway, update soon! and dont worry i rag on my brother too - even if he is nice ;) its our job:P
7/21/2006 c5 Sara
I think that you're right (but you're the author, so you get to decide what happens or not). It would have been odd if Noah 'fought for' Robyn b/c he really hasn't known her for that long. I wonder what you meant by no longer that guy, was Noah a player in his past life? Wow, this is getting long, so I will end it by saying that this was a good chapter, though it was a little late in the updating field (j/k)
7/20/2006 c4 Kira
this story is awesome so far =) had me laughing the whole time great job keep it up

much love -Kira
7/15/2006 c4 8bulletproof.cupid

it's all going great so far and your writing has improved tremendously since the first chapter.l the sexual innuendos make me want to cry sometimes though, lol; there are so many of them. maybe i do have a dirty mind? heh, yeah, my friends and i are like that sometimes... dirty jokes and all... and it's hilarious.

ooh boyfriend's back too. eep. i like noah though... only because we've seen more of him then of greg. noah's a sweet name gtoo (: alrighty then, i'm off. take good care of yourself and update soon.

7/11/2006 c4 4Lady Katreina
Ah. What an awsome story. Yummy.
7/10/2006 c4 1hopefulwriter1
i like it very very much. its really exciting... *SwoonS*

i SORTOF have a guy. soon that sort of might get turned into a yes, but... i cant tell the future so.
7/10/2006 c4 Sweet Sarcasm
Lol. Funny story. In my opinion funnier than "Whatever it Takes"Like it so far. Update soon.
7/9/2006 c4 1Rhea Larkin
Hm, Nellie. What a drag queen. Nice way of concealing his true..."nature," so to speak, for a while. Very tricksome. Nice job with the story, it's interesting reading from the POV of "experienced" (-cough-) adults, not just kids. Do continue, this is an exciting story...it's very, very sexy. xD
7/6/2006 c4 devil's brew
Nellie? hahaha gonna be my fav character besides Noah I think. You sure can make your readers laugh! Okay keep going..
7/2/2006 c4 5peachfruitsalad
vundubar, dahling... okay, enough with the gay german voice. no seriously, an entertaining installment to what is rapidly developing into one of my favourite reads.
6/23/2006 c4 16sam the bear
great work! keep updating!
6/23/2006 c1 fortheluvofhp
definitely love the story a lot! i'm not even kidding! i can't wait for the next chapter!
6/22/2006 c4 In Love With Your Love
Hey, that's was a good chapter. Although at first I was confused because I didn't know who Nellie was. But the gold, sequin dress, red wig thing gave me the impression of a drag queen or trans. and I was right. I'm excited to read about Gregory and what happens between him and Robyn. And of course what happens between Noah and Robyn.
6/22/2006 c4 3stanhops
Im so happy that I found this story. It's absolutely engaging, fascinating and I already love the characters. I love cocky and irresistable guys accompanied by embarrassing situations. I can't wait to read more of your story...you're on my favorites list. Update soon.
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