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for Love Her

7/18/2006 c9 4SecondHandSonata
Very nice tale you have here. It's sweet, but I can see where you would need filling in. I understand, though, i always go over the word count on language arts assignments, then spend half the night up revising it to fit her limit.
5/29/2006 c9 ChaoticBunny
Hi. Well, I haven't really read the story yet, but I just wanted to say that my name is actually Theresa. Lol, but I do have a brother named John so it's kinda weird for me to read it. Lol! Not saying you should change it or anything. It's just weird for me! Lol.
5/29/2006 c9 5Mrdarcylover
I liked this, I thought it was good

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