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1/23/2009 c18 1Crystalline Watcher
I have a feeling that I know who Mr. No Body really is.

Remember the Cyclops incident?
9/16/2008 c1 9Shang
Well, after reading the author's note at the beginning, I was sceptical, since I, in all honest, dislike yaoi. I must admit that I'm not sure why exactly I've decided to read on, but I did.

And I'm quite pleased with the tale thus far. It's written in a more book-like style, which isn't exactly the one I prefer in a manga story, but either way it's cool.

The prologue was intruiguing and interesting, so I'm curious to see how this piece will turn out.

There is one thing that bothered me however and that is the part with the symbol appearing on the prince's forehead. That was just taken out of the blue and that I didn't aprove. It kinda left the impression of you inventing it "on a go". Even if you do not wish to describe your characters' looks, characteristics such as that mark should be noted (at least IMO). Otherwise it'll give the reader that annoying feeling of "out of the blue".

That aisde not much to nitpick, so overall a job well done.

I'll be back to read some more in the near future, but in the meantime perhaps I could interest you in some of my own works?

ANyways, take care and until next time.
10/9/2007 c11 8SympleSymon
Very nice chapter, lots of laughs an character interaction!

10/8/2007 c10 SympleSymon
Thanks for this, very very informative!

10/8/2007 c9 SympleSymon
Lol, sorry, but the first bit of Prince Sun, with everyone crowded around him as he gains consciousness, reminds me SO much of the train scene in 'Spider-Man 2'! Priceless!

Another great chapter, and Libra's Wind Blade sounds deadly! Gotta love invisible cuts!

10/8/2007 c8 SympleSymon
Some CLASSIC lines in this chapter! Allow me to showcase my faves...

“Oh, this should be good. I wonder how you’re going to get past her bodyguards Bitchy and Slutty, not to mention the brainless wonder, Rin.”

And let's not forget...

“Geeze, why is everyone who wants to kill me obsessed with death? What are you, emo?”

Love 'em! And another awesome chapter! See, this is my favourite kind of manga; full of action, so you never get bored, but all chockful of plot, so it doesn't seem pointless! So many people focus too strongly on action, resulting with nothing more than a string of battles with little or no cohesion...but this is amazing! You really pull every chapter off masterfully, I congratulate you!

I only hope that when my own new story, "Battle Metal: Genesis" is finished and ready for uploading, that you would do me the honour of reading and reviewing it. Until then, there's always the beginnings of my other stories, if you ever have the chance...?

Love this story, new Top Fave!

10/5/2007 c17 1Natsuya
Oh, interesting! Well, a lot of writers on FP have been on hiatus lately, me included, but I guess you have a more valid reason (storywise lol).

I totally agree with the decision to give this story a revamp, since quite clearly this is one of my favourites and I want it to be perfect; It has got potential and this can only be fully unleashed once you have corrected a few minor errors, the most notable one being the cultural setting. I thought the plot was fine, including the pacing, but I guess there might be some little things I didn't spot myself.

Wow, I actually thought you had updated so the moment I saw the title of your story on the list, I ran into the kitchen to get myself a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream...well, I'll be enjoying my drink anyway! LOL.

But, it's great to know you haven't rejected this and are putting a lot of effort into improving it. Looking forward to the changes!
10/5/2007 c7 8SympleSymon
Probably unintentional and, besides, it's hard for there NOT to be some similarities when you're both working through facts, but this chapter - with the zodiac warriors - reminded me of 'Knights of the Zodiac / Saint Seiya' an anime/manga about...well, you can guess (heh). I used to have the PS2 game, so that's why I mention it.

Otherwise, great history! Love this chapter for all the information and mystery you put into it! I'll read more later!

10/4/2007 c6 SympleSymon
The show goes on! Amazing, simply superb...I can just see this as an actual anime or manga, THAT's how visual you write it all. The action is so fluid and descriptive, it's breath-taking.

Anyway, have to go now, but I'll read as much more as I can tomorrow!

10/4/2007 c5 SympleSymon
Another great battle, and Aries' High Speed Blade technique sounds awesome...I could just see Theseus jerking around like he was having a violent fit, or something, lol!

Poor Daisuke, Aries can't take them both on! What's he gonna do?

10/4/2007 c4 SympleSymon
Just something that no one else has mentioned before I go onto the actual review...

'No, he wasn’t growing a conscious suddenly'

Should be...

'No, he wasn’t growing a conscience suddenly'

"Conscious" is what you are now - awake. Hence being knocked-out is falling UNconscious.

Anyways! Now we have THAT out of the way!

Blue eyes is freaky! And who's the other guy? Hm...?

Awesome fight scenes, really something to look up to an appreciate! I love Aries, although I don't think I need to ponder long and hard to figure out her identity (it's the whole Peter-Parker-is-never-around-when-Spidey-is-thing, y'see). Jason seems just odd, and as for the Nothings...love 'em.

10/4/2007 c3 SympleSymon
"He was like the brother she never had, and she was like the sister that he never wanted; a perfect relationship, no?" LOL, pure brilliance!

Megumi is one twisted little plotter...but you can't hate her, you can't! She's just two cute!

Once again, look forward to reading the rest!

10/4/2007 c2 SympleSymon
Great beginning (well, discounting the prologue)...really loved the way you introduce both the characters.

Daisuke (sorry, can't get 'Heat Guy J' outta my head, so forgive me if I can't stop thinking 'Daisuke Aurora! xDD') was brilliant, and I know I'm going to LOVE him as a main character. And that DREAM...pure class.

Megumi was just so cute and yet so clever, I don't know whether I'd be able to trust her as a friend, lol. Again, can't wait to read more about her.

And, on a side note, Helene Althea...well, what can I say but that when you meet a girl in your dreams in a castle on the SUN? It'll be interesting hearing more about her.

Keep up the great work (by that I mean I've read your Author's Notes of Chapter 17 and look forward to ANY update you go through with).

10/4/2007 c17 Creative Colors
Oh, wow! I think that you're story is simply wonderful and divine. I can't believe you're really going to re-write it. However I understand. I just found this a while a go and only now had the chance to review it. I wish you all the luck with rewriting and so forth. It's such a wonderful story.

Good luck!
10/4/2007 c1 SympleSymon
Hey, great first chapter! I really loved all the vivid descriptions (even if you DID describe the same things a few times when just once or twice would have been more effective - it kinda detracted me from the crazy guy's eyes when I was hearing about them for the umpteenth time...make them memorable for those one or two lines, don't divide the greatness amongst five or six! xDD), and the battle flew along just perfectly.

Can't wait to read more of this...consider it my new in-between-work-adventure!

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