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for Black Scorpion

6/1/2014 c3 1firefox vixen
really good
8/6/2013 c3 7Redrosey18
Awwwww, I love the story and can't wait for more : D
7/11/2013 c3 3AriTakahashi
10/2/2012 c3 1MisaTakahiro
IT MUST CONTINUE! I'LL GO INSANE WITH OUT ANOTHER YAOI STORY! It has to no matter what ya here me!? Good! Now another thing...WHYYYY in god of yaoi's name can't I remember what they look like besides yellow/gold or blue eyes!?...hmm...well there's something to think about... Now get your yaoi creative mind on and go make us some AWSOME yaoi stories!
Rikuxroxas-696 over and out!XDxd!
7/12/2012 c3 Aquitaine
Is this complete? I certainly hope not, I really enjoy this pairing. I hope you get to update soon!
3/7/2012 c3 3Fragile Daydreamer
awwww... what happened to this story? buried in the debris of long-forgotten and unfinished tales?

well, I hope you pick this up again. This is a good one. This is going to my alert list, just in case.

2/22/2011 c1 3Stormshower084
Awesome story. I really hope you update soon.
8/6/2010 c3 Lovecupid
Great Story I hope you will continue the story.
7/25/2010 c2 20purplehost
I have the feeling you'll never add more to this. For years is a long time for no updates. Are you done writing this story?
1/10/2009 c3 2Ominous Rain
This story is quite lovely you should continue very soon!^^
8/30/2008 c3 38Poems To The End
Good good good

Continue please
4/17/2008 c3 Wanabet
Aww! Jaimie is so cute! Update soon!
11/15/2007 c1 5paputsza
have you ever heard the flash(.swf) song "all your base are belong to us"? you should, the phrase came from a badly translated sci-fi game, it was translated literally, it seems from with google translator or something. But yeah, i had to watch it the moment you mentioned the word base :
4/25/2007 c3 2The Lucifer Effect

This fic started out really awsomely. I love it so far!

Update soon?
10/29/2006 c3 Midnights Scream
I like it! It's sweet and cute and a unquie(sp) idea
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