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for The Last if the Opera Ghost

6/30/2006 c1 63silentscreamer07
HII! you posted something on fp! YAY! Well, i'm glad i decided to go thro everyones fp account and see if ne one posted ne thing! cuz you did! woot woot! Okay..now...onword with mua's review...*clears throat*

I loved how you continued the POTO story...or..well...tell what happened in between Christine and Raoul gettin married, to her death. And i think you wrote this wonderfully, there was nothing wrong with your style...



I agree with you...i don't like the ending either...because meg was christines age...and her daughter sounds like she's in her teen years...therefore meg and christine can not be very old...and in the end of POTO it shows that the phantom left her ring on her grave...therefore..showing he also lived a long life...

but...also..i don't know how you could end this...maybe instead of her finding him dead, you could make the story longer, and have her meet him...and you could fill in more blanks from the story..or you could have it where she sees him...and yaddyi yaddya yadda...or however ya wanna...my ideas aren't ne better.

But i liked this other then that *smiles* great job on your writing too! beautifully done..

and i heart POTO! *funny thing too, is that i was just listenin to that soundtrack* good job! and hey! hopefully you post somethin more soon too? *hopeful smile*

see you next time i see ya! buhbyes:D

5/31/2006 c1 8Lady Siobhan
Interesting story so far, but it sounds a whole lot like fanfiction... maybe consider putting it on a site like fanfiction.net or something. Other than that, it's an excellent read!

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