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9/29/2009 c9 spenny
good but entirely too short. thankfully it wasn't cliche or poorly written, but was followable, despite it's short length and underdevelopment.

definitely a good idea. but thunders seems a bit of a misnomer when thunder is the noise after lightning... bolts is cheesy, but you should look for an alternative if you're still doing this... 3 years later lol

i liked it. :)
2/21/2007 c9 8simmons
I really think it is a shame you cancelled Thunderstrike: THe Alters. It was quite a bit different in pace and style than Predator, but the new style seemed to fit quite well for the type of story.

It is refreshing to read a longer work that still has a very fast paced feel to it. I personally like predator better as a piece, but still i am fan of Thunderstrike.

I hope you have written the ideas for further episodes with the Thunder/fire users (a little cliché but i think you know what im getting at) as so far my experience with writing has been, that sometimes ideas need to stew and the author needs a hiatus before they are ready to be worked on.

Keep writing. Definitly keep writing, (well as much time as the Navy leaves for free time...)
1/7/2007 c2 6cobalt-blue
Really good start. I think you could have done without the prologue and simply jumped right into the story. Looking forward to reading the next chapters. By the way, I've created a C2 Community called Capes and Cowls With and Without for superhero stories. You'll find a couple of mine there and any others I might find on this board that strikes my fancy.

9/23/2006 c9 1Tomoyuki Tanaka
Great story! Nice one! Can't wait to see Jason and his new powers in the sequel, even if it's a subplot. By the way, I've finally updated E3, so you might want to have a look at it. heh.
9/10/2006 c2 1aka Providence
Nice, I always like the superpower+high school/training academy stories. The story is very manga-ish to me, which is cool. I'm off to the next chapter!

BTW, this is kinda my habit of shameless advertising, but if you get my chance, read and review my story: Angel's Halo 1: Devil's Rising. Much appreciated.

See ya!

aka Mitternacht~ Dark Providence of Fp and aka Meteor-Infinity
9/10/2006 c1 aka Providence
Cool, I always wanted to read a superhero/supervillain story, but I had no luck before. This story doesn't dissappoint me, and I'm off to read the next chapter.

See ya!

aka Mitternacht~ Dark Providence of Fp and aka Meteor-Infinity
6/24/2006 c9 2The Reader Author
This was a great superhero story, and I hope to read the sequal(s). I think you should mostly work on The Predators: Gateway, but don't neglect the second Thunderstrike. Every third chapter or so for Preds, one for Thunder, or something like that. Respectfully, The Reader & Author
6/24/2006 c9 1Micheal Shaw
Oh come on, How can you end a story with an ending like that. "...and then I woke up" is better than that (not really) but still. I understand that it was Emotional Distress but you have to come up with a better explanation, really. Also, make sure you update Thunderstrike - REGULARLY.
6/23/2006 c8 2The Reader Author
Whoa. WHOA. This is phenominal. I have to ask you one thing. Why do you have such great stories? Your work is really some of the greatest I've ever seen. Respectfully, The Reader & Author
6/23/2006 c8 1Micheal Shaw
I really like this story, it is absolutely brilliant. But you should have maybe been less cryptic to Jason 'new' ability. You know, he was able to subdue most of the enemy when he was on the brink of blacking out. The tiny zaps...where they bolts of lightening hitting him? Plz...Plz tell me that you will explain in the next chapter.
6/21/2006 c4 1Tartalia16
This story just keeps getting better!

I really like this story
6/14/2006 c6 2The Reader Author
I love this story. I am definately going to write one of my own. Thank you for inspiring me.

Respectfully, The Reader & Author
6/14/2006 c4 The Reader Author
How is it that all of the games I love, you've played? Another good chapter.

Respectfully, The Reader & Author
6/14/2006 c1 The Reader Author
Hey, I was once known as The Reader, now I'm an author as well. Anyway, I agree with you that there aren't any good superhero/supervillain stories. Keep this up, and I may be persuaded to write my own.

Respectfully, The Reader & Author
6/6/2006 c3 1Tartalia16
Hi I'm a big comic book fan and I have to say this is a great story keep updateing. This has to be one of the only stories on ficion press that I can just sit down and read.
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