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for lukewarm ambition

11/29/2006 c1 330in a jar pk
gorgeous imagery. x
11/18/2006 c1 the naked civil servant
jesus christ :|. the last two lines are wonderously and cataclysmically gorgeous and empathic. so... gah...

also, it is very cool that you like the guillemots. sao paolo LIVE is... god.
9/17/2006 c1 80citrus scented
there is something so unique about this that strikes me. the use of "posh" (hehe) words really makes you pause and evaluate what is happening. It also adds such a deep and different spin on the idea you are getting across.

"implying to my Caucasian self " I love that, really its so...gah perfect. Great opening aswell, such a strong and striking image. This is intriging and thought provoking.
7/14/2006 c1 6Nobody-n-Particular
Don't I know it! Sometimes a well-measured combo of ambition and idealism is needed - they often share a symbiotic relationship.
6/14/2006 c1 871no.peace.los.angeles
Lots of abstract ideas. I think I'd like it more if there were a few more images, but that's just me. I love the alliteration in the line "choking under the cold whispers of complacency." It has a great sound to it. I don't know how much I liked the "Caucasian self" part, either. Keep writing! :)
6/13/2006 c1 612simpleplan13
I like this... the title is great the phrasing is great.. I really love the first three lines.. the one thing i dont like is Caucasian self.. it seemed like a wierd thing to say to me anyway
6/7/2006 c1 13Shadowhound
Interesting. Not much else to say but that. Interesting.

6/7/2006 c1 194Aslan Israel
It feels very heavy... I'm not quite sure how to describe it. Brilliant job potraying such depth. Brava.
6/7/2006 c1 270queenvixta
Powerful piece. Very well written and expressed. Great work! Vx
6/7/2006 c1 35Autumn Reflections
ah, this is very interesting. i like it! keep writing!

6/7/2006 c1 70elvenstorm
Think a lot of people can identify with this and you just put it in such beautiful language at the same time. Really enjoyed this, you have a great talent x

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