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for Incest: It's All Relative

9/16/2012 c15 2Quantum Reality
Wow. You weave a complex, heartbreaking tale in this story. From the ongoing issues facing Claudia and Steven, as well as the reminder that not all incest is pleasant or consensual in Faith's home life, you portray real people dealing with, in some cases, struggles no person should ever have to encounter.

Your story should get a prize of some kind. I need to stop for tonight, and will finish tomorrow.
9/16/2012 c8 Quantum Reality
Wooooow. You have crafted the most amazingly dramatic tale of a brother/sister relationship that easily becomes more than either sibling imagined. Your writing inspires awe. Truly, it does.
7/4/2012 c5 Guest
This was a good chapter, you covered a lot of ground describing various relationships between your characters.

I already don't like Iris, lol, it's good to have someone to dislike in a story, her winkling the phone number out of Steven's friend without said friend asking for permission to give out the number is already showcasing her 'stalkerishness'.

I liked the way that Steven and Claudia have that easy, relaxed interaction about her homework. I say good for you if you can make homework sound interesting well, then the rest of the story should be easy! I particularly liked how you ended the chapter with that strange feeling of betrayal slipping over Steven even though he can't work out why he feels that way. Clever use of words. I am liking this story more and more.
6/30/2012 c4 Pink Bead Girl
I am loving your story, my eyes fly down the page and I can't absorb it quickly enough. As I've said in previous chapters what I find so intensely engaging about this is the sheer reality of it. Steven and Claudia speak so naturally and casually together, I love being there 'with' them.

I think it cute the way Faith is totally gaga about Steven, I can just see her goofy eyed reaction when he is nearby. It's a pity he doesn't return her affections but it's just as well isn't it? Where would your little drama be then? Still loving this very much. Well done and keep up the good work.
6/30/2012 c3 Pink Bead Girl
You write such great dialogue, I feel I am there amongst them as the conversation swirls back and forth, it's very real. I enjoyed seeing Claudia through her brother's eyes, you make me feel like I am starting to know her very well already even though it's such early days in your story. The gentle humour of Steve leaning his backside against the oven and his mother making a joke of mentioning the oven was on after the event was very nice. Made me smile. Good work.
6/30/2012 c2 Pink Bead Girl
I did like your chapter, very much in fact. Once again the way you frame the situation tightly and get straight to the matter is very engaging. I feel you painted a nice little snapshot of how close Steven is to his sister. Loved the little "pie" code as to how they are feeling at that moment, it's a unique and quirky idea you've had and it stands out brilliantly from a veritable ocean of stories as a result. Good work and I will be pleased to continue reading on.
6/30/2012 c1 Pink Bead Girl
I loved this style of writing of yours, it's a wonderful beginning that has thrown me right into the chaos of the situation relating to the characters and without knowing anything much about them, you've made me want to know more.

The tangled way they interact with each other is very real and I feel it definitely reflects how such a revelation would go off with a bang!

Thanks for the oncoming pleasure of reading further in your story.
6/21/2012 c26 Jude Diamond
I loved this chapter. It was great. Seeing Claud act that way though irked me a bit but it can't be all fine and dandy all the time right? I hope the next chapter is of her and Steve. XP

6/14/2012 c26 Europec
Thanks for the update! Good to see this going. Moar! Cheers!
6/13/2012 c23 Subtlety
Omg I have been waiting forever for your update! And here you are with the new chapters, on my birthday no less! I feel so blessed now(:
6/1/2012 c6 5wasauskyx
OK, Steven I can handle cuz he's only six yrs older than his sister, but this dude is 36! I gotta agree! Groo-oos!
6/1/2012 c1 wasauskyx
I feel so horribly bad for Claudia right now and I agree with you, incest can be beautiful if it is more than sex and the two relatives really do love each other :)
5/20/2012 c1 ShiloCoulter
I personally love your story. I write twincests all the time. Mine are mostly American Horror Story (Tatextwin sister) and Vampire Diaries (Kol Mikaelsonxtwin/little sisterOC) fanfictions.
5/12/2012 c23 taylor
Update update update plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
4/26/2012 c23 5Galiena Faehler
I can't tell you how ecstatic I was when I realised you'd be continuing this story! I haven't been on fictionpress for years and I just thought I'd pop back in today and boy am I glad I did! One of the reasons why I stopped coming on fictionpress so often is because my favorite stories/writers seemed to be leaving (for instance, I thought this story was going to be left incomplete). Anyway, you've done a fantastic job with this story, especially given the subject matter. Your characters have depth, and it's just so hard to dislike them!

Anyway, best of luck with everything and I do hope you continue (if not with this story then when writing!).
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