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for Incest: It's All Relative

3/28/2012 c23 3Traidy
Ahhh I claim abandonment D: I miss this story so much!
3/18/2012 c23 Leigh Hart
I love this story! It's amazing. Claudia and Steve and Faith and Preston are so cute!
10/30/2011 c2 Tagman122
Impressive man. I like the way you ran the story; especially with the dialog. keep it up!
10/25/2011 c23 1Susan Holt
Oh.My.God! You're back! Healthy too! Congratulations! :)))

I'm so glad you decided to continue with your story... Shhhhhteve is back! *smug grin*

Okies, I think I'm in love with Preston! hahahaha Seriously... how can Faith keep it still inside her, is a mystery to me... although I do understand her 'chickening'. I also want Preston to kick Paul's ass badly for what he did to her all those years and then end up with Faith forever and ever happily!

I'm dying to know what happens next, when Claud returns. What happened to Steve? Is he still away? What happened after that dance? You gave us a little taste of how their lives progressed but me is curious for more details!

Give me some Steve, please... throw me a bone... LOL

Excellent comeback! :))) Hope you update soon... I'm impatient this way... ;)
10/25/2011 c2 11Lucid Lune in Acoustic
I enjoyed it. I know, that isn't saying much, but it happens to be 4:19 in the AM and I'm beat. ^_^
10/24/2011 c23 Europec
Thanks for continuing this. Wonderful chapter, great scenes. I always liked how you managed to combine all the emotions and thoughts of the characters so fluidly. Hoping and excited for more. Cheers!
9/10/2011 c22 1Susan Holt
I don't know if you still check your fictionpress account or if this will ever get to you, but I just wanted to leave my review anyway!

I happened upon this story totally by pure chance and I was so curious to see what it was all about! I didn't know what to expect at all. The subject is fragile on its own and usualy frowned upon but I was really drawn in by your summary.

It really blew me when I noticed that it wasn't a silly lemony thingy... it's a touching, humane story with intense, funny, lovely, angsty and dark moments. It shows that you have put a great effort and love in shaping your characters. The way you portray them is making it easy for the reader to actually connect with and feel for them.

There was never a part in the story where I felt that something was cheap or dirty. Instead, I could feel all the emotions of Steve and Claud and even Faith and Preston!

I could feel the infinite and honest love, the raw passion, the despair, the pain, the agony, the guilt, the confusion, the fear, the excitement, the regret of each and every character. Your descriptions are nice and I was glad to see that there was almost no, or even none at all, purple prose it them! Kudos for that!

Steve... Steve... Steve... You gotta love Shhhhteve! He's quite the sexy beast! I really cannot blame Claud or any other girl! Me wants Stevey back! I really AM prepared for some serious Steve as you promised us in the last update!

As a Greek (and a tiny part Italian), I salute your choice in writing anything related to the Greek culture (the souvlaki, the dress style and other references)! Yes, I'm weird this way! Hahah

I hope you feel a lot better healthwise and are going strong!

You're in my prayers! :)))

Excellent job! Two thumbs up!

Take care! :)
6/14/2011 c22 5Galiena Faehler
so it's been years since I've been on fictionpress, but felt the need to today. and boy was I excited to see that YOU'RE STILL CONTINUING THIS STORY! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Stories like yours are the reason why I still come to these websites when I really should be doing work or sleeping.

and I am totally looking forward to some serious Steven.

(apologies for this totally unhelpful review as the fact that this story has continued still blows my mind and my ability for constructive criticism-if I ever had any-is officially blown to bits)
4/30/2011 c22 7SecretPassion
Your a wonderful writer and this is a wonderful story. But I am really curious about the letter and about Claudia and Stevie or Faith and Preston or Claudia and Oliver! Really anybody. Please continue and I am so sorry about the tumors but at least they caught it early. You and the story are in my prayers :)

11/20/2010 c22 Europec
Absolutely wonderful! I like the story style, the division of points of view, the descriptiveness, the characterization and emotional depth of the main characters.

The characters feel really real and the view into their emotions, hearts and souls you paint is beyond excellent and takes my breath away.

The story plot is exciting in its own forbidden pleasure way and the occasional heaviness of plot/description/speed is well balanced.

The relationship histories and the current tensions and struggles of the main characters are very well thought out. Their thoughts about the issues they have are great and give further emotional perception into the story.

Steven is done very well, you have got to love him for his protectiveness, but also for his inner struggles.

Claudia is the picture of innocence, which makes her so sweet.

Together they are unbeatable.

I really feel for Faith and I hope you solve her problems. Her dark scene made me so mad at the world and unfairness of it.

I feel as if all these 21 chapters before now were like a dream and after this the shit really hits the fan.

I really like your story so far and I hope you'll continue. On that topic, great job so far of 4 years of writing this. 4/5.
10/24/2010 c14 1melodymage
Omg this was suc a crazy rwist!
7/31/2010 c22 6Masquerade hide your face
I can't wait to see what happens. This story is very interesting.
7/31/2010 c22 MyNameIs-Madison



7/30/2010 c19 2Gator-aide
omg steve loves us? Power to the Steves! lol. Think how many steves just read your story... o_O on second thought don't thats a little creepy. To much steve love.

Sorry to hear whats happening to you :(

You have my full support and a bucket full of peanut butter! You can make it through this,think of all the untouched cookies in the world!
7/29/2010 c19 MyNameIs-Madison
The chapter was great .

So sorry to hear about your problem .

I hope and wish you the best of luck with everything ,

Take care .
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