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for Incest: It's All Relative

7/6/2010 c18 2Gator-aide
ah...? It's over?
5/31/2010 c1 11Lucid Lune in Acoustic
I haven't told anyone this, but Invest is not looked down upon by me either. Sinful? Wrong? There are Definitely worse things. I like the beginning of your story. If I didn't Need to clean I would continue reading right now. Instead I'll pick up on Chapter 2 later. You have piqued my curiosity.

P e a c e
4/23/2010 c18 Anonymous
This is one of the most amazing pieces of fiction I've ever seen. I absolutely adore your characters, they are very well rounded and richly developed. I get the feeling that you've developed a personal relationship with each of them and that you truly care for them as you craft their fates. It's obvious that Claudia, Steve, and Faith would need to be richly developed for this piece of fiction to work, but you've crafted highly detailed, multifacted personas for the likes of Madame D'Itri, Anton, Preston, Oliver, even Iris.

You have a talent that goes much further, however. The richness and depth of raw emotion that you're able to infuse into your writing is staggering. From subtle chemistries to inflamed passion, to pure and selfless love, not only can you pull it off, you make it look easy. I'm truly blown away.

Oh, and I just love "Zero and V". It makes me think of two miniature masked, caped, overly theatrical rebels prancing about, railing against tyranny and fascism (I rather doubt it was intentional, but Zero is the name of a masked charismatic terrorist from the anime series Code Geass, and V calls to mind the titular character of V For Vendetta).

From the posting and update dates, it seems that this work is a bit of a "slow burner", and that's fine, waiting for each new chapter is a small price to pay for the quality of this work. Please do continue at your own pace. I'll be checking for updates periodically.
3/3/2010 c18 Lexy7432
Aw our lil Claudia is a model... LOL

Nice Chapter...
3/3/2010 c18 Hellerick Ferlibay
Truth be told I don't understand why a mother whould want to play with her daughter's innocence like that, and I don't get it why a shy school girl is so excited about all her friends seeing her pictures of this kind. This photoshooting scene looks like fanservice cut in from another story.
2/27/2010 c18 6Masquerade hide your face
Wow so good. I'm loving it. Update soon.
2/27/2010 c1 4Syd Plath
I think your very clever way of taking such a taboo subject to lure people in to your writing has definitely paid off! 127 reviews! Amazing :) The writing is great, so far I've just read the prologue but this line deserves a standing ovation: "Eleven simple words, etched in a mellow green tint sang the secret Claudia and Steven shared."
2/26/2010 c18 Person 202
Love it
2/26/2010 c18 5starbance
love it! i wish i could actually see the pictures lol please update soon! i also miss steve and i hope he and claudia are together in the next chapter!
12/10/2009 c1 We Used To Wait
What? Incest isn't gross. . . And I don't believe it's sickening, either. It's just sad and different. And it's just taboo, in my opinion. I just don't understand why you would write about something you think is gross. . .
12/5/2009 c17 2KattDiaries
Wow. This story is amazing! :)
11/21/2009 c17 pinkprepx2012
its god
11/14/2009 c8 misery sister
I suddenly realize the brilliance of your title. Hahha! While I think they're totally fucked in the head, it all makes sense to them so what the hell. It's their (fictional) life.

Although I can't help but think if they have sex and holy crap, if she gets PREGNANT - the kid is so not gonna be right, even in the biological sense. chromosomes and the zygot and stuff.
11/11/2009 c16 seigaku2k1
Great writing as always! But it does bother me in this chapter that you said Steve wasn't a liar, but then made him lie to Jeph about not having a girlfriend.
11/11/2009 c17 Hellerick Ferlibay
Great chapters. Nothing happens in them, and yet they are very enjoyable. It's interesting to watch Faith being somewhat suppressed by her perfect friend, and being loyal to Steven and Claudia's relationship without even being ware about it.

Finally I have read the Flowers in the Attic, indeed there are similarities, and it is not even the subject of incest, but rather the spirit, your story reminds me the beginning of the book.

Greetings from Russia.
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