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2/9/2004 c1 10CatchingInTheRye
Very good and to the point. I can definitely relate to it...I sometimes feel like this whenever I get into a deep convo with someone. Always wondering if I said something I shouldn't, and how even though I don't want to share it I have to, with the ones I love.
That personal connection obviously made me enjoy it quite a bit. The writing style was nice as well...you didn't get caught up on ridiculous metaphors and stylistic excess. It was very clear and concise what you meant, and that is very appreciated.
Well done.
2/9/2004 c1 1skatinpanzer00
woow... touchy...prertty touchy
1/13/2004 c1 120Heather Montgomery
Lovely, really. Very thoughtful. I enjoyed it (like a piece of 3.14) (hahaha). No, it's really good. Great job!
11/26/2001 c1 12All Mighty Terrestrial
I feel the same way you do; not knowing whether to pity or envy those who don't know what it means to break. They have so much LIFE, but they don't understand it. I guess part of putting it all back together is to give others your wisdom so that they will gain experience without ever having to go through it themselves. That's what writing is all about. So keep writing!
7/9/2001 c1 Maya H
Nice story, very mystical and well written.I can somewhat relate.
2/28/2001 c1 8The Alchemist
Some deep thoughts here. I think this is something that happens to us all at times. Losing faith in life is a hard thing to cope with. I think that your despair is well portrayed here and you've added a nice afterthought of hope to this. I think that aspect of hope makes the story really worth reading because being healed is a part of being broken. Maybe this idea should be another paragraph though. I hate to sound picky, but there are a few spelling errors here, ie peices. You are publishing your work though, so try to make sure your spelling is as accurate as possible.

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