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7/3/2010 c1 Mantis Pie
My parents were an interriacial couple (Now happily divorced) but instead of blac
4/12/2010 c1 10Lilchany
This was a really cool one-shot. Your point of view is very interesting and I like how you showed it to us. Loved it!
12/24/2008 c1 manda410
This was really good. Despite a couple grammatical things, but that completely isnt the point. I am a white woman who is completely in love with my black boyfriend and I just wanted to say that I really do understand where you come from with this. Change is hard to accept, even in todays times and I'm so glad you wrote this, I can tell it really does come from the heart
8/28/2007 c1 13Honey Beddell
Interesting ... I thought it was good.

the phrase is "color-blind" not colored-blind. ..

So ... did it help you get over your prejudice?
8/4/2006 c1 5Queenjewel44
I loved your poem. I felt what you were trying to say.
7/18/2006 c1 31Cindy Moon
This poem was rather innovative; that you took another point of view really placed the racial tension in perspective.

-Cindy Moon *)
6/17/2006 c1 50Chandra-Moon
How interesting, for you to write this poem to gain understanding. Very cool, and liberal. I like that.

I liked the subtle humor in this ("Because he prefers a little cream in his coffee"), and I liked the title, what it hinted at, and what it set the stage for. I thought some of the writing could be improved, though. The style is inconsistent. In some places the writing feels awkward, possibly because of grammatical errors (though I didn't see any), with short, curt lines, then there are areas with long explanations with prose-like tone. Not that you can't vary in style, but I think it detracted from the poem. You did a good job going into this woman's head and hearing her thoughts, now you just have to figure out how you think this woman would talk. Give more detailed examples of why she loves her boyfriend, other than the bland "we care about each other." Also, I thought she sounded a bit preachy in the end. Don't make her seem so perfect.

I thought this was a good beginning to a poem, with great ideas. Best of luck!
6/16/2006 c1 38SassyLil'Thunderstorm
I thought this was going to be about something completely different, but its always good to get something you didn't expect...I really couldn't give a rats ass either way if somebody dates someone, be it black, white, man, woman, whatever...love is love...and I damn sure wouldn't get on a soapbox about it being second in line for being hated on. If some chicks not hating a white woman for dating a black man, she's hating him for dating someone light skinned...there's definetely some fools that need to read this and think on it...ignorance will sadly live on forever in one form or another.
6/14/2006 c1 33TaraC
You know, this is a strong and beautiful poem. It opens a persons' eyes and I think the reason no one has reviewed it is because it intimidated them and they didn't want to open their minds..It blew me away and I was, partially, still am, one of those people. It was shocking and real, and harsh take from a different perspective. Glad you finally updated something! haha.


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