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for There's No Such Thing As Bad Luck

9/28/2007 c1 20Twilight Starr
Amusing, great start.

This story has potential.

Good luck with writing and this story.

Have a wonderful day. :)

~Twilight Starr~
6/15/2006 c1 12ieago
very good! Immediately don't like Braydens girl and wan thim to get Jenna instead- hope it happens soon! Thanks for the review! x
6/15/2006 c1 19anamellie
your story's okay, but i guess you have to check here and there for some errors. don't worry though, they're just words that have been accidentally spelled wrong. you can easily fix them... update soon!

6/14/2006 c1 2sassnsweet
it's okay. can u plz read my peachy boarding high
6/14/2006 c1 2omaterluna
i really enjoyed this story...it was funny and pretty well written update soon
6/14/2006 c1 46Lavender L. C
This was just something I started writing. Hope you like.

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